Liberal reveal the existence of legal violations budget of 2016!

Liberal reveal the existence of legal violations budget of 2016!

23-11-2015 05:30 PM

Liberal reveal the existence of legal violations budget of 2016MP for the Liberal bloc parliamentary Mazen Mezni, the existence of legal violations after checking in the budget law for 2016.

He said Mezni in a statement today, that of these violations, the allocation of funds to the board of radio despite the lack of establishment of such a body legally and in Article {12} Fourthly granted angel movement in the budget to the minister and therefore I call upon the granting of contracts and daily wage priority in appointments to the sanctity of the angel instead of assigning people did not provide any services to the ministry in permanent contracts or daily note that this measure will contribute to reducing the financial expenses of the ministry.

“He noted that it ‘ Article {13} Second entitle provincial ministries to implement projects instead while the provinces demanding implemented as part of the legal powers and the concept of decentralization and transfer of powers to the provinces.

‘He added that’ Article {22} circulating capital Anavzh Islamist from the Rafidain and Rasheed Bank Mesopotamia and the Islamic this is not permissible because it conveys the capital of the bank to another as must be the establishment of the bank from shareholders ‘.

He said’ Article [29] of the Act empowers the Minister of Oil to ask the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Issuance of treasury bonds to cover the expenses of oil companies, As should be back to the cabinet for a vote and not the prerogative of the prime minister alone, stressing Mezni its demand to amend these violations otherwise we will not allow to pass the budget law for 2016 ‘.