President Talabani, in a letter to the Iraqi people: the political process is facing problematic and complex and thorny Astasaouat threatened to paralyze the economy and the disruption of facilities and state institutions

On: Saturday 26/05/2012 15:02

Baghdad (news) .. Said President Jalal Talabani, said that the political process is facing problematic and Astasaouat complex and thorny threatened to paralyze the economy and the disruption of facilities and state institutions and impede the provision of services demanded of our people, rightly, their improvement and development. 
Talabani said in a letter addressed to the Iraqi people received the Agency (news) a copy of which: that the problems require a moment of contemplation and reflection and the search for a way out of crisis now. said President Talabani: he stipulated, while agreeing to accept the post of President of the Republic, to have the acceptance and support of all parliamentary blocs, which represents the people, and vowed that the most remote myself taking sides without the other, a starting point of the constitutional principle that makes all citizens equal in rights and duties. However, to say his message: out of concern for the public good I called to the national meeting in which to raise various parties their problems, demands and visions, and then presented a paper items the eight I think it’s a ground suitable for launching a constructive dialogue in an atmosphere far from harassment media and threats of mutual, and put solutions rational in the framework of the Constitution and the previous agreements and understandings, solutions, about the country about the dangers of the unknown caused by the escalation and confrontation. He pointed out: confidence that my fellow leaders of the blocks and the members of the House of Representatives have the prudence and wisdom, and feel, as I feel, making sure interests of the country and the good of the citizens, so I expect to accept my invitation to continue the constructive dialogue. Addressing Talabani: political leaders, saying: I am firmly convinced of the seriousness of the current circumstances require speed to sit at the table of dialogue, fraternal construction. He appealed to Talabani, in his message: political leaders who elected by the people to lead the political process to respond to my call this service to our nation’s security, stability and prosperity for his people and raised. / Finished / d. N /