Kurdistan and Baghdad to resolve the crisis approve oil and gas law (HCL)

National Alliance (time): Kurdistan and Baghdad to resolve the crisis approve oil and gas law (HCL)

NOVEMBER 7, 2015

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Sign a new agreement is similar to the previous and external interference problems resolved

Looking delegation from the province of Kurdistan, headed by Prime Minster Nechirvan Barzani, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and oil affairs specialists to agree on ways of solutions on ore province and next year’s budget crisis Almalah.fima proposed National Alliance approval of oil and gas law to override Alazmh.mthma the region to export crude Israel and the withholding of the quantity and price of exports for the Baghdad government. The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Zana Khader (time) yesterday that (a delegation from the province arrived in Baghdad yesterday to participate in the consolation Finance Committee Chairman Ahmed Chalabi and then will hold official meetings with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and those responsible for the oil sector in the central government and will discuss several topics, notably the issue of oil The budget and the financial crisis experienced by the region). He said (the two parties announced the adoption of a constructive dialogue and to overcome the challenges that hinder the relations between the parties and which must be completed without the presence of a loser). Khader said that (the region is going through tough times financially, where salaries have not acted since four months and that the central government, the city of the province’s share of the budget as well as that of the right of Baghdad that involved the riches of the region, but must be by consensus between the two governments). He pointed out that (the controversy to this crisis, the president is the oil region as the region wants to be its oil imports him alone a whole in order to satisfy the debt that his trust for the benefit of the international oil companies and Baghdad refuses to cooperate in this regard with the province, according to the provincial oil do not deliver and imports to the central government says All imports must pass through and give the region a small portion of them and this is rejected by the province because oil is an important source of population in the provinces of the region and the reduction of imports lead to a continuation of the financial crisis and the lack of distribution of salaries to employees). For his part, MP for the National Alliance and a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Mazen Mezni (time) yesterday that the (delegation province went straight to the central government upon his arrival to Baghdad to speed up the discussion of oil’s thorny, negotiation and discussion to resolve the crisis). He said (the best solution to get out of this crisis is the agreement the two governments to approve oil and gas law and the development of paragraphs solve all the problems with the province). He said Mezni that (the delegations of the province usually intensify its visits to Baghdad with near approving the budget so as to ensure access to what enough of money and lots of budget and oil imports have these delegations are working to block the budget during the next term if they did not achieve its ambitions). Pointing out that the (problem is caused by the disposal of the province’s oil Bawardath without informing the central government the amount of oil and the amounts of export and clients with him and asked them more than once to disclose these questions, but they did not answer, and we know that the province of crude exported to Israel directly and when harangued so evacuated acquitted the accused companies to sell Crude territory to Israel and the region if it wants to resolve the crisis, it must return to the central government and handed over to the Ministry of Finance revenues and access to 19 percent of it in accordance with the agreement between the two governments). Remarkable that (the crisis does not prevent her from entering countries with influence in Iraq to resolve the dispute between the two governments may be through Iran, Turkey or America or Russia, but we wish to be the solution stems from a purely Iraqi parties).

He revealed to the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Razak Mahabs the existence of talks between the federal government and the territorial Government to conclude a new oil agreement is similar to the previous agreement, stressing that the region violation of the previous agreement. Said Mahabs in a statement yesterday that (there are talks underway between the federal government and the province to hold a new agreement between the parties and to my knowledge is not new in the new agreement similar previous agreement oil which content export region 550 000 barrels of oil of Kurdistan and Kirkuk through Sumo and Baghdad Company paid to the province, what comes The Federal Government is committed to pay in the absence of export Territory).

And on the internal crisis of the provincial MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Majid Chenkali that the visit of the President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim to the region recently have impact on the promotion of dialogue between the Kurdish parties and activate the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil. Chenkali said in a statement yesterday that (the important role played by the Council in the convergence of views between the Kurdish parties often be effective and yield a solution especially with regard to the crisis Presidency of the Kurdistan) region differences.