Vice: The government does not control the dollar remittances

Vice: The government does not control the dollar remittances

Posted 07/11/2015 11:32 AM

Vice - The government does not control the dollar remittancesI saw MP Najiba Najib, that government control over currency conversions action “is still very weak,” while calling for more effective monitoring of the work of banking companies in order to preserve the national economy and prevent the financing of “terrorists”.

The MP Najiba Najib, said that “the Iraqi Central Bank to prevent dealing with some banking companies for violating his instructions”, usually that “the Iraqi government’s control over the movement of funds is very weak for not adopting corporate governance.”

Najib added that “state control over currency conversions procedures, whether internal or external, are still weak,” noting that “Iraq if it has a strong and well-developed banking system, easily able to control such transfers.”

She explained Kurdish MP, that there is “internationalist decision to prevent the financing of terrorist groups in Iraq,” indicating that “the presence of security and political agreements and economic between the United States and Iraq, enabled her to get a proof evidence on the existence of suspicion of funneling money to terrorist groups, especially that of globalization and technological development are opening Washington possibility of that. ”

According to Najib, that “the government suspended the salaries of staff in areas under the control of Daash, to the presence of international and American information confirming that some of them go to finance Daash,” pointing out that “Transparency International confirmed the existence of money laundering crimes in Iraq, estimated at nearly took the signed international list black, not for money laundering legislation law. ”