Possibility Iraq is creating more than an international free economic zone in the triangle of FAO

Basra (News) …Expert stressed the possibility passes Tawfiq al-Manea, Iraq creating more than an international free economic zone on its way to investment, noting that FAO would be best triangle area because it will change the map of trade in all countries of the world.

He said Mana (News Agency news) on Friday: Iraq enjoys a privileged geographical location linking Asia with Europe, which can create more than one free international economic zone in all with particularly in Basra and specifically in “triangle” chosen as FAO best international trading area as an alternative to the “Hong Kong” since the 1980s.

And between: the triangle region will change the map of FAO in world trade as all States manufacturer would attract business in the world because they will provide advantages including short time and cost by transporting the goods.

Confirmed: that the goods currently transmitted over ports and duration (28) days until delivery to the location specified, while this region will be condensed time (6 days) because they will journey from land to sea, and continued: well it would reduce the cost of goods and (45% to 50%) Which will provide another service to the global community.

And between Mana: that Iraq will benefit from the project revenues will exceed the current oil revenues, as well as goods which will be processed directly by cheaply, because the region will be the focus of global industrial goods through distribution to the world.

“Mana: this region needs to create a specialized and free zones with full powers, establishing the contribution of Iraqi companies working in partnership with foreign companies, in addition to founding a company holding Basra from which come global companies investing in the region, saying it would take into account the interests of all the world.