Central Bank denies the existence of money laundering

On: Wednesday 23/5/2012 6:10

 Baghdad / range 
denied the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, a money laundering and that dealing with banks is according to the law, pointing out that the sale of more than three billion dollars in the month of April last is normal. 
said in favor of “Twilight News” The rate of sales If the month of April were more than three billion dollars, it may take a moderate level of rates compared to last year, adding that the situation this year is different from the past in relation to the terms and conditions set by the Central Bank of Iraqi traders to buy foreign currency. “

Saleh added that the sale of more than three billion dollars in the envelope of the current economic and witnessed in the markets of the increasing demand for the currency in addition to the existing procedures followed by the Central Bank in the sale is a natural matter. ”

The head of the National Congress, Ahmad Chalabi in a television interview that the central bank sold in April last 3.180 billion at 1170 Iraqi dinars per dollar, “noting that a large amount of dollars equal to 3.5 Terelln dinars.” 
said Chalabi “We have to ask and look who has this amount of Iraqi currency to buy out the large amount of of dollars. 
explained Chalabi said five Iraqi banks bought during the month of April two billion and $ 73 million and this amount is too large for the assets of these banks if we want to know the truth we have to know where you came this money and ask who they are clients of these banks who bought this amount of dollars and turned to the outside?. 
denied the deputy central bank governor to be laundering money accompanied the rate of dollar sales, stressing that the Office of the money laundering checking on transactions Almhkukh and suspicious that cause damage to the security of the national economy and support the security services. 
Saleh pointed out that the central bank to deal with banks and Iraqi banks according to the law which gives him a work permit, according to activity of the bank or the bank, regardless of being a large or small, and everyone is equal. 
attributed to the Integrity Commission, parliamentary, on 19 May of this, the reasons for decline of the dinar against the dollar to the government’s attempts to link the central bank directly, accused the limbs unnamed trying to weaken the oversight role of parliament and stripped of his powers. 
Iraq seeks to support the banking system by closing the deficit of local banks to cover the financial guarantees required by the investment companies, which represent the problem of limiting the entry of companies specialized in the electricity sector, infrastructure and services. 
There are Iraq about seven state banks and 34 banks waged, mostly owned by foreign banks, two banks and two government controlled the banking system in Iraq are the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank.