Central Bank of Iraq authorizes the Rafidain and Rasheed to sell the dollar

Monday, May 21, 2012 12:59

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. After studies lasted for more than a year the Central Bank decided to give up part of his duties relating to the sale of foreign currencies

In its daily auction for the benefit of a bank Rafidain and Rasheed, and ruled out the Trade Bank of Iraq without knowing the reasons.The central bank decided during an official statement received / Baghdadiya News / a copy of it that “the Rafidain and Rasheed sale of U.S. dollar cash to the citizens at the price determined by the Central Bank of Iraq (up to 1189 Iraqi dinars to the dollar), and have this sale in the FAQ and purposes, the current in the use of foreign currency They travel, treatment, Deputations and Hajj and Umrah. ”

Prior to that between the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq that the studies lasted nearly the year to achieve this step, referring to a statement to the Agency (Baghdadi News) that this matter is not giving up on the functions the bank and currency auction in favor of state banks?, As far as what is the distribution of tasks correctly to facilitate transactions banking, especially since the system tolerate private documents required to transfer customers increased the volume of the external pressures on us and we become our tasks are not our specialty which transfers control and verification.

He said to give banks the right to sell would be within their respective direct and they have the ability and manpower and time to do all the details of the sales and verification / Finished / 21 / a. P