Integrity of parliamentary government with lower dinar exchange

On: Sun 20/05/2012 6:06

 Baghdad / range 
attributed to the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary cause of the falling of the dinar against the dollar to the government’s attempts to link directly to the Central Bank, while the accused unnamed limbs of trying to weaken the oversight role of parliament and stripped of his powers. A member of the Integrity Commission, Khalid al-Alwani’s “Twilight News”, “We are in the Integrity Commission, we visited the Central Bank shows us that one of the reasons for the low dinar is the government’s attempts to link the bank directly, indicating

That this may not be the fact that the bank is linked to the House of Representatives which is within his powers. “Said Alwani, that the Constitution systems, many of these files that raised problems around,” calling on all parties not to double standards in dealing with the constitutional articles Vtqubl some and reject the other, according to its service to its own interests . He pointed out that attempts to weaken the House of Representatives and the looting of the powers of it, “and describing Iraq as” living an exceptional situation by all means he has not recovered from its problems intractable that must be solved through the method of dialogue. “The Alwani that” the causes of the current political crisis lies in the attempt to impose is a reality to others and end the state of compatibility that have enabled Iraq to cross some adversity he faced. He expressed his fear of al-Alwani, the country’s progress towards the establishment of a new dictatorship established in the light of the inability of parliament for the performance of the real role and fought some of the political blocs on the interests and forget the worries of the real Iraqis. ”