Economists are demanding the government to set standards for the implementation of a modern customs tariff

On: Tuesday 22/5/2012 6:41

 Baghdad / writer Ali 
said a number of economists and academics in the conversations (range) on the need to develop a modern standards-based extensive studies carried out by specialized agencies of the system to impose tariffs on goods and goods imported into Iraq. said Dr. Shammari waiting Academy

In the College of Business and Economics at the University of Mustansiriya it was important before the announcement of the introduction of system tariffs set modern standards after studies extensively on the subject between all actors specialized in the subject, both in the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce or by academics, economists, businessmen and slice the Iraqi traders , in order to get out solutions to all problems that might hinder the introduction of tariffs in the future and overcome during the work.

stressed the need to develop visions of the appropriate basic steps to implement the system mechanisms tariff properly, taking some of the specific mechanisms of this system, in order to reduce the phenomenon of fraud trade in many goods such as medicines, food, consumer and other goods to various other, to achieve a number of goals and objectives are focused in-class basis the interests and safety of Iraqi citizens, that it should be aware of the importance that our local markets are currently at a dangerous phenomenon called dumping commodities, due to open border wide in front of various commodities and goods imported without the application of tariffs and regulations of safety and quality of incoming goods to the country, unlike the case in all countries of the world. 
and showed that it is not intended application of tariff reduction of the flow of goods and the entry of imported goods to Iraq, On the contrary it should become clearer idea behind these applications, which aims to import goods of a high specifications and standards adopted in all countries of the world, without condoning and ignoring the agreements and transactions entered into in the shadows with the companies is sober, in exchange for material benefits and personal and away from achieving the public benefit of the country. 
They pointed out that the invitations are issued by some parliamentarians and politicians from time to time through various media not to the introduction of tariffs, is nothing but calls emanating from self-interest and narrow vision of the negative aspects contained in the application, forgetting at the same time Pros carried by the application to ensure the import origin sober and good, which ensures the safety of citizens first and foremost. 
as well as the importance of his contribution to the organization of the national economy and policy-making customs and to develop practical solutions in the framework of the balance between goods produced and imported, as well as the protection of the local consumer and avoid the phenomenon of dumping the commodity, especially in the presence of a number of political and economic crises in the country at the present time, and the lack of clarity of parameters of economic activity and put it in the right direction, which show the need to impose tariffs steadily and gradually, to be preceded by a campaign to educate the citizen and merchant and industrial importance of their achievement, and the budget in achievement of each party gains without jumping on the gains of the other party, merchant only wants to achieve profit and consumers looking for good products and safe for use. 
while The President of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen willing to consent to that of the most important elements of economic activity, industrial was or agricultural or commercial is to activate the system to impose tariffs that would influence the great economic policy and development, and strengthening the role of the Iraqi economy and lay the foundations fixed to work projects productivity and provide sufficient opportunities for local industry to promote their level and make them compete with their counterparts imported. 
Reza said it would greatly enhance the importance of the call speed up the work system, tariffs, and not paying attention to the invitations are issued from time to time of this political figure, or of those, and focus attention instead to put this system into effect in order to achieve the economic interest of the nation, and here is the responsibility of the executive and legislative branches to lay the foundations and international standards for controlling the entry of goods into the country, with the need to involve other relevant agencies as civil society organizations, for example, to monitor the market and avoid manipulation of the prices and quality.