U.S. newspaper: U.S. officials are unable to determine what happened to the $ 6.6 billion of Iraq’s money

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Said an American newspaper that U.S. officials were still unable to determine what exactly happened to the shipment of cash amounted to 6.6 billion dollars of Iraqi funds reported by American planes to Baghdad after the invasion in March / March 2003 to spend on projects for reconstruction and others.

The Los Angeles Times that the amount was part of the $ 12 billion was sent to Baghdad aboard a flight in the twentieth is the largest airlift in history, criticism, noting that officials of the Ministry of Defense and the Iraqi government is currently blocking the accounts for that period.

In spite of the investigations that took place over several years, the U.S. Defense Department officials do not know exactly what happened to the $ 6.6 billion of those funds, some accountants believe the Federal Government that some or all of the money had been stolen Her disappearance was not just a mistake in the calculations.

The inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, “Stuart Bowen,” Alnmak and who headed the office created by Congress, that the missing money may represent the largest theft of funds in national history (the U.S.).

The newspaper pointed out that the case is still a mystery haunts the Pentagon, and disturbing distorts Washington’s relations with Baghdad.

And threatening Iraqi officials to resort to court to recover the funds representing the proceeds of Iraqi oil and the money Iraqi assets as well as excess funds from the United Nations Oil-for-food program, but U.S. officials say the Congress, which has agreed to spend $ 61 billion of taxpayers’ money Americans to reconstruction projects and development in Iraq is not expected to compensate Iraq for Iraqi funds do not find it and can not find out her fate.

According to the Los Angeles Times that the theft of this magnitude is possible, however, U.S. officials do not Istbadunha.

Bribery and fraud

The accusations that some contractors have received tens of millions of dollars of bribery and fraud in the period immediately after the invasion, but Iraqi officials – according to the newspaper are considered primarily responsible for the disappearance of funds.

The aim was to send money to Iraq, restore government services in order to give hope to the Iraqis that the new situation better than the former U.S. officials storing cash in a vault in Saddam Hussein’s palaces in the U.S. base before distribution to Iraqi ministries and the contractors.

The newspaper said that he did not have U.S. officials sufficient time for the financial control has recognized the Government Reform Committee the