Presidency of the region will be announced on secret documents and agreements expose the policies of state law

Date: Thursday, 17.05.2012 7:20

 Baghdad / range 
threatened the presidency of the Kurdistan region, yesterday, to “expose” many of the policies of the office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, saying it will announce its confidential documents and agreements of interest to the political situation of Iraq, and considered that “persistence,” the latter reached a limit can not be tolerated.

The presidency of the region in a statement it issued yesterday, and got “long”, a copy of it, that “Nuri al-Maliki, in an interview with the satellite that. R. T Kurdish, repeat what he used it to affect the charge against the region, and tried to blame others all the problems, and became the protector of the Constitution and the unity of Iraq, and then declared himself the protector of the Kurds rather than their leaders the legitimate representatives of the people of Kurdistan, “indicating that” the region will be announced to the public documents and evidence to refute those charges and falsehoods fabricated, “according to the statement.

and threatened the presidency to “expose Many of the policies pursued by the Office of the Prime Minister and the disclosure of confidential documents and proof of interest to the general political situation in Iraq, “noting that” those documents relating to agreements between Maliki and his party and his list with the region. ” 
and considered the presidency that “the persistence of al-Maliki has brought the case to the extent not can be tolerated, “pointing out that” go out and showed all in Doakhlh intentions cache unrewarded, and that Angmash in its uniqueness in this round may cost him up to see the others and coexistence with them. ” 
For his part, refused to Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance’s approach to al-Maliki in the management of acute crisis suffered by the political situation. 
said Rep. Shawn Mohamed Taha said in an interview with the term that “the Kurdish forces have been made ​​and other political forces, a lot of efforts to deal to resolve the outstanding issues in the political process but do not see the seriousness by a coalition of al-Maliki in particular, and this opinion says by a number of political forces within the National Alliance. ” 
He Chuan the political blocs that had held many meetings and discussions, including meetings of the Preparatory Committee of the National Congress, but to no avail according to the recipe. 
and the Attorney Kurdistan, “The rule of law is moving towards personalization of issues, and attacking a strange way leaders politicians and trying to sow the seeds of conflict and division between the political blocs of the principle of differentiation and to try to control, “and added” the rule of law by the last of the problems had problems with most of the parties in the political process, even with his allies within the National Alliance. ” 
and the Schwann they do not have a personal problem with Maliki But the problem with the approach followed by the rule of law and direction of the new does not recognize democracy and no pluralism and not federal. 
and called for the rule of law that they will reconsider this approach in order to continue the political process, refusing to be in the Kurdistan Alliance as a witness false in this process, and stressed Schwann on the principle of partnership, saying, “We are part of the basis of this country and its partners are real and will not leave the country, however, state law and the pull out and make it go into the unknown.” 
said Chairman of the Presidium of the Kurdistan region, Fouad Hussein, in an interview with the newspaper Roudao Kurdish, “The President of the Kurdistan region came to the conclusion that the Dealing with Nuri al-Maliki has become impossible, “noting that” President Barzani has been informed of his conviction that all parties, including Iran. ” 
Hussein added that “the United States supports any democratic step not opposed to the Iraqi Constitution,” asserting that “al-Maliki has stopped working the constitution in practice, and this is what led to the creation of the current crisis in Iraq. ” 
The President of the Office of the President that “the development of alternative requires a partnership and a democratic system, and not to the people, and if we say there is no alternative to Maliki only Maliki himself means there is no other person elsewhere in this the country, “asserting that” in light of system institutionalized, there will be an alternative to all persons, unlike the dictatorial regime completely; where there is no substitute for the dictator only the dictator himself. ” 
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki confirmed on 15 of May, that the lack of involvement of the MDC Kurdish opposition in the government was at the request of the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, indicating that he threatened to quit the government if their involvement, as pointed out that the movement has eight seats in Parliament is entitled to obtain a ministerial portfolio. 
and confirmed the presidency of the region that “tell the truth, show, delivery to the opinion Another important year of our missions, “adding that it” would respond to the charges soon. ”