IMF: emergency assistance to Iraq

IMF: emergency assistance to Iraq

04/21/2015 08:22 GMT

IMF - emergency assistance to IraqFollow-up – and babysit – IMF decided Tuesday to provide emergency financial assistance to Iraq, so as to reduce overhead in better financial crisis suffered by the result of the decline in world oil prices and the expenses of the war on terrorism.
A statement by the Ministry of Finance received news agency public opinion (and babysit), that “were technical and detailed talks with the International Monetary Fund officials and team officials in Iraq Fund to help crystallize Fund for Iraq astray in the current financial crisis.”

The statement added, “it was agreed that the Fund to provide emergency financial assistance, within the government and Ministry of Finance plans to reduce public expenditure.”

The statement said that “the meeting was attended by the Minister of Finance, and the Governor of the Central Bank and the Director General of the budget, and general manager of public debt and general manager of the Iraqi Foreign Fund for Development.”

The Iraqi delegation held talks later with the legal department officials, and the Department of Accounting in the box to stand on the use of the government and the Ministry of Finance for funds SDR allocation in the 2015 budget.

Iraq has been suffering from a financial crisis due to the decline in world oil prices to the cost of retrieving the war against the terrorist organization Daash waged by Iraq for more than 10 months.