Required to accelerate the application of customs tariff

On: Tuesday 15/5/2012 7:15

 Baghdad / term 
rejected by the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Abdul-Abbas Xiaa proposals to postpone the application of the customs tariff 
and said broadly according to the Agency (news) that the law on customs tariff is important to support the national economy, calling for the Ministries of Finance and Planning to create the requirements and mechanisms, which obliges the State to implement the law, Cglq border protection and border crossing points, stressing on the application of Law No. (23) for the year (1985), which amount to imprisonment and fines for those who enter the goods without being subject to the fee Kmarkip.

At the same time demanded by the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Nora Albjara develop a new mechanism for taxing financial wealthy, calling for fire taxes the previous accumulated on the citizens and to impose taxes again to build a solid economic.

She Albjara according to (agency news): The subject of taxes is one of the important topics in the diversity of state revenues finance, especially that Iraq will depend on the suppliers of a yield proposed fire tax implications on the citizens since (2003) and work on a new formula fit the circumstances experienced by Iraq today, noting that the financial resources realized from taxes during the last year, according to the GCT trillion and amounted to (76) million Iraqi dinars, will be added to the general budget, although he little amount, but will increase the application of taxes in earnest. She pointed out that most countries of the world are working on the principle of taxation in their countries by building its economy to avoid inflation and financial planning process in the country, calling in response to the need for citizens to serve their interest as a tax.