America threatens to leave the fight “Daash” in Iraq

America threatens to leave the fight “Daash” in Iraq

March 17, 2015, 12:03

America threatens to leave the fight Daash in IraqBAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

The United States threatened to halt cooperation with Iraq in the field of counter-terrorism.

A source in the US for Safar ((eighth day)) that Assistant Foreign Minister Bert Mkourk US Ambassador Stuart Jones in Baghdad, Iraqi officials are shocked attitudes toward the United States efforts in the fight against terrorism.

He added that officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not expect to be required to America’s position, “the offerer and clear” of victories achieved by the joint forces against al (Daash), especially “after the entry of these forces in the war directly with the terrorist organization.

The source noted that the Assistant Foreign Minister threatened to Chairman of the Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim after the latter demand the withdrawal of the joint coalition forces from the battle and leave the Iraqis to their fate on their own in front of a global organization and serious like “Daash” If the denial of continued US efforts to fight terrorism.

Previously, this tension comments by Iraqi officials accused the United States of America, the support organization Daash.

The head of the security and defense committee in Parliament of quitting the United States of America and Israel, supports Arhabioa Daash through the kinds of weapons owned by the organization, which does not only exist when these two countries.

Zamili said at a news conference in the leadership of operations Euphrates building in the city of Karbala, “that our security forces achieved victories wide and large in all fields, by contrast, there refraction and a clear defeat for the organization Daash to provide our heroine.”

He added: “The weapons obtained by the organization and support a binder with pictures, will not deter our security forces to continue winning.”

The US relations – Iraq witnessed a state of extreme tension, especially after the start of the battle to liberate territory of the western provinces of al Daash. (AA)