Erbil and Baghdad government .. “bankrupt”, or oil does not accept to play down differences?

Erbil and Baghdad government .. “bankrupt”, or oil does not accept to play down differences?


Erbil and Baghdad government - bankrupt or oil does not accept to play down differencesBack to the forefront features a new controversy oil between the KRG and the federal government, it was announced in Baghdad, said the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met Sunday with a delegation from the Kurdistan region, headed by President of the Region Government Barzani, and the transfer of a government source as saying that al-Abadi held talks with Kurdish delegation in the presence of ministers regarding points of contention in the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, while a deputy for the Kurdish coalition, said the meeting discussed issues related to the political agreements and the National Guard and the presence of militants organize “Daash” in Mosul, as well as the oil agreement.

A delegation province Sunday morning arrived in Baghdad to discuss the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, as advertised, and already, a delegation from the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives visited the Kurdistan region last week and met with the President of the provincial government, who confirmed the region’s commitment to the agreement with the federal government, calling on the Commission to deal with the two governments as a third party, and monitor the agreement and the process of addressing the problems.

A day after the visit of the delegation KRG President Barzani said that the Iraqi government does not have sufficient funds to pay the region’s share of the Iraqi general budget by 17%, attributing the reasons for this decline in oil prices, while the new region’s commitment to the agreement signed between Baghdad and Erbil, stressing that Visit the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad was aimed at reaching a solution to address the economic crisis experienced by the country, especially after the House approval of the budget bill for the current year.

Upon his return from Baghdad, Barzani said that the province entered into an agreement with the government described as “bankrupt,” in reference to the government of al-Abadi, said at a news conference in Arbil, the region delegation went to Baghdad because they are bankrupt does not have the money and to create a mechanism for the implementation of the agreement between the two sides, pointing out that the agreement was the states that the central government to send about a trillion and two hundred billion dinars a month for the export of 550 thousand barrels of imports of Kirkuk and the region’s oil.

He said the President of Government of the Territory that Baghdad can not send that amount in light of the circumstances surrounding, and pointed out that Baghdad sent the equivalent of $ 300 million of the nearly one billion dollars, said the region refused the amount because it is small compared with what has been agreed, stressing that in the absence of Baghdad’s commitment to send the agreed allocations, the region in turn, would not commit to sending exports.

Barzani pointed out that Baghdad says it will send the region’s share based on the volume of exports minus sovereign expenses, pointing out that it means that the budget law in this case has no value. He added that the region has an agreement with the Iraqi government on the basis of the 2015 budget, and added that the problem now is that Baghdad has no money granted to the region.

On the other hand, said an official at the presidency of the Kurdistan region, said the visit did not come to meet the results of ambition. He said the struggle of Mahmoud, head of the provincial adviser, said the visit was born the impression to the province that the federal government is not serious about resolving the oil dispute between the parties, but added, saying that Baghdad had agreed to some of the terms of the region with respect to the export of oil, and promised to send the money when to have liquidity available.

In Baghdad, things were different, as described the Prime Minister’s Office Haider Abadi delegation visit the region was positive, said government spokesman tributary Jabouri that Iraq is undergoing a major economic challenge, adding to say that the Iraqis are partners in crossing this challenge.

Observers point to the difficulty of finding a sustainable truce between Baghdad and Erbil, in the absence of a constitutional solution, arguing that the differences may persist in light intersections which confer the Iraqi political scene with the participation of all parties, and sees economic analyst Hilal Taan that the absence of an agreement between the center and the region will affect the process of developing the economy Iraq, warning of the consequences of the case as it is between the two parties.

In light of these developments, the parties to participate in the political process of this oil unit differences between the Territory and the moral center and the possibility of returning to the forefront again, after announcing a deal to solve ..

He ruled out the National Alliance MP Salim Shawki arise a new political crisis between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil after the recent statements of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani in which to stop the export of oil threatened due to the delay of Baghdad for the payment of Arbil from the budget, explaining that the federal government is the other will not risk creating a crisis Erbil with it and will not reach the level of disagreement between the two parties, stressing that the point of contention revolves around the controversy over the average daily oil export Arbil calculated by 550 000 barrels, while Arbil demanding that this figure will be calculated on average daily production during the year.

And between the Kurdistan Alliance MP Kawa Muhammad that stopping the export of oil is one of the options available to the provincial government for not honoring Baghdad obligations, noting that there were several meetings held in the Government and the Parliament of the region in addition to the political forces there to resolving this issue, stressing that the governments in Baghdad and Erbil agreed to do Kurdistan to export 550 000 barrels according to the annual rate, since it can not be guaranteed export a certain percentage of oil as may be faced with the export process of technical problems and other related weather conditions.

He says political analyst and confident Hashemi said the Iraqi government briefed the delegation provincial government the fact that the financial situation of Iraq, and by the Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, noting that Iraq is experiencing a severe financial crisis, and that the Kurdistan that the province bears the Iraqi people endures all, because the causes of the current situation outside the will of the Iraqi government, noting that the province Abadi promised to meet each region benefits.

In a recent development, the head of the Turkmen bloc in the Kurdistan region of Iraq’s parliament said Aidan known KRG President Barzani would soon travel to Turkey to discuss what he called “political and economic issues.”

It is said that the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s visit to Turkey comes on the heels of the delegation Government of the Territory with Baghdad on the recent agreement between Baghdad and Erbil.