Disclosure of details of serious agreement Barzani _ Allawi secret?

Disclosure of details of serious agreement Barzani _ Allawi secret?

Palm – British Observer newspaper published details of an exciting secret agreement was recently among all of Iyad Allawi and Massoud Barzani, the newspaper said its reporter Robert Doclas obtained from a reliable source of Kurdish was reserved for the newspaper to be named. 

The agreement includes several points of serious ones that writes Iyad Allawi, a written undertaking to agree to the annexation of Kirkuk and Khanaqin, and the plains of Mosul and Badra and Jassan to the Kurdistan region and that agrees to grant the Kurds 90 percent of the oil extracted in the region.

In turn will Kurds entrusting Iyad Allawi in any attack by the block and foil the government’s work and that starts with a campaign large waged by Massoud Barzani against the government that backed the Iraqi List, in order to emerge as the demands of everyone, as well as that made the Kurds in their power to save Tareq al-Hashemi in addition to the award of the leaders of the Iraqi Villa in Kurdistan.

It also came in the agreement published by the newspaper of London and the widespread support for the Kurds to take over and arming militant groups belonging to the Allawi and that are coordinated with each other for the liquidation of national symbols and religious.