Spokesman for the presidency of the region calls on Maliki to implement Article 140

Date: Thursday, 10.05.2012 8:33

 Erbil / range 
called a spokesman for the Kurdistan Region Presidency, Dr. Omid Sabah Osman Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the implementation of Article 140 and to allow Kirkuk residents to self-determination without ignoring this constitutional article. The spokesman said in a statement received (range) a copy of it on Wednesday: We have revealed Nuri al-Maliki about his real intentions about article 140 of the constitution during his visit to the city of Kirkuk, where he was to ignore the male or even reference to Article 140 and select from him the identity of Kirkuk maneuver him to win over some Alshovیnیn.

The statement said al-Maliki if he wanted to solve the problem of the disputed areas, actual implementation of Article 140 and to allow Kirkuk residents to self-determination, and the identity of Kirkuk does not specify bring brigades of special forces from Baghdad and helicopter flights. The identity of Kirkuk: Iraqi city and identity Kurdistan.

said presidential spokesman region Omid Sabah Osman said: “determine the al-Maliki to the identity of Kirkuk, Arabic is a maneuver in order to woo some Hovyina the city.” 
He has a Tuesday meeting of the Council of Ministers in the city of Kirkuk, said during the opening meeting that “Kirkuk has a special, because it is Iraq, a small co-exist in which the components and nationalities do not believe it unless you are Iraqi province in every sense of the word Iraq.” 
and turned Maliki’s visit, according to which seemed to field programs to address the problems of the provinces, and the holding of meetings of the Council where, for faster decision-making, to the case of political terms boycotted all ministers Kurds session, at the request of President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, according to informed sources. 
 said Maliki’s visit further escalation of the political crisis and promise of deputies from the Kurdistan Alliance, the move is appropriate and expressed the fear caused by the complexity of the political situation. 
and Article 140 of the Constitution provides for the normalization of the situation in Kirkuk, and census followed by a referendum to decide the fate of the province, but federal authorities confirm that the material has become obsolete. 
attributed the deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, on Wednesday, the reason not to attend the Minister Kurds meeting of the Council of Ministers which was held yesterday in Kirkuk for their opposition to the visit of the President The government of the province, and pointed out that they considered that the visit “a political and provocative,” especially as it came in the presence of differences between the territory and the center. 
said Alliance MP Sharif Solomon in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “the absence of Minister Kurds for Cabinet meeting held yesterday in the province of Kirkuk came to object to the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to maintain, “noting that they” considered it a political rather than a professional “. 
description of Solomon timing of the visit in light of the existence of differences between the territory and the center as “provocative,” adding that “It was the first Maliki support people of the province and raise their suffering and the removal of injustice that they have suffered in past eras. “

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