Article 140 to 500 billion Dinar

Kurds are demanding an increase of allocations of Article 140 to 500 billion Dinari

05/02/2012 19:18

Iraqi Parliament, Parlamani Iraq

Dohuk, February 5 (Rn) – A member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, said on Sunday that the Kurdistan Alliance, submitted a proposal to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to increase the allocation of Article 140, of 172 billion dinars to 500 billion. said Farhad Otroshi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “after he discussed the Iraqi government the issue of citizens displaced from their home areas in the time of the Iraqi former, and give them $ 10 million Iraqi dinars in compensation, it was found that the funds allocated to the Tauziat under Article 140, to 172 billion dinars.” He Otroshi that “the coalition Kurdistan presented a proposal to the Iraqi Council of Representatives and his presidency, which he called for an increase allocated for compensation of 172 billion to 500 billion dinars, so as not to deprive any of those affected by this compensation. ” and pointed out that “the compensation mentioned would include citizens who have been displaced from their areas and have been affected and destroyed their villages,” . are implementation of the decision to compensate those affected by the policies of the former regime in accordance with law No. 16 of 2010 issued by the House of Representatives of Iraq on March 17 / March, according to the resolution should be formed a number of committees in all regions of Iraq, to identify people who have been affected since 1968 and until 2003 by the regime’s policies the former Baathist, and the amount of compensation is estimated at 10 million Iraqi dinars for each family affected. From: Rondk, see: Ihsan Aervani