Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-10-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-10-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions7-10-2014 Newshound Gurus tlm724 & Shredd Article quote: “We will also see the session the second reading of a bill accession of the Republic of Iraq to the establishment of the International Islamic Trade Finance” there has been several arts [articles] recently telling us what parliament has been working on and there was a bill being read that caught my attention…there 56 countries in the organization on several continents and Iraq is already listed as a member – now as mentioned in the above article they state “accession” into the Trade Finance Org. Imo, Iraq is now prepared to implement and take full advantage of the funds and many advantages of this Org…this accession is huge…major steps continue to take place behind the scenes…that bring Iraq to a place where they are ready to have a strong dinar in front of them.

7-10-2014 Newshound Gurus tlm724 & Shredd Trading is the life blood of any investment…once investments are established, the trading within them will take place safely, timely, efficiently and correctly due to the oversight of the ITFC. If that can’t happen, the investments will die the moment the market fluctuates…So, to see this bill being voted on is awesome to see. This is yet another “behind the scenes” necessity for Iraq to ascend to a place where investment and banking has a safe place to be… I’m [Shredd] a VP in a top 3 international bank and have been with them for ten years. I have full access to daily global accounts, massive investment vehicles and products and services that cover every single sector. The entire time I’ve been there, Iraq has been non-existent due to what we all know has been taking place there…and they still are today. These banking and investment laws, this ascension to the ITFC is absolutely necessary for Iraq to emerge among their peers to welcome global investment and to ensure safe banking and trading is in place.

7-10-2014 Newshound Gurus tlm724 & Shredd My hope is that when you gain an appreciation of what is all being accomplished, you will see vital progress, not frustrating stagnation…finding this and showing you all so much is and has been moving forward. will this directly bring us an RV tomorrow? you all aren’t that absent to think as such im sure…but, these all have to have been done to bring Iraq to the place they need to be. Some say the dinar was supposed to have moved by now as far as the monetary policy and the rate whether it be via a float, or a continued managed float. But it didn’t, did it? Why? well, in part, these things had to be in place first. So, be excited we find this being done…great, great progress.

7-10-2014 Newshound Guru Stryker Article: “Parliament Official Notice Sunday” Quote: “In the public interest and commitment to constitutional contexts in order to preserve and continue to build democracy and again after consultation with the heads of blocs in parliament, we’ve decided to change the date of the previous call for parliament to convene on Sunday, 13 / July / 2014.”

7-10-2014 Newshound Guru Tlar He [Maliki] played every dirty trick to win this election. He needed to go down and that is exactly what has happened. He is under detention… This is a process that must move forward and it is. Hopefully before Sunday the government will be announced. If not they will meet on Sunday and as quickly as possible they will vote this government in. Their first order of business will be the budget. Either just before or just after the budget, Turki will make the currency equal to the budget. Why, because he has to. This will move fast now…Everybody including me will just be witness the greatest event in our history.

7-10-2014 Newshound Guru Tlar Expect a little more confusion in the next day or two. Articles will talk about Baghdad being besieged by the ISIS. Don’t believe it. It will be a media campaign designed to speed the process. The RV will go down in the next week assuming they get the government formed which they now will. If it takes a couple of extra days don’t be concerned. Just watch the progress and know it is a march toward completion. Christine Lagarde (head of IMF) said it best. 7 years of bad economy followed by 7 years of good starting in 2014. This will be the beginning of prosperity not just for you personally, but for the world.

Fact check, Maliki is NOT under any kind of detention, and he is still very much in the running to obtain a third term, no one know what the outcome will be as of yet. Maliki is NOT in London and never was either, that was a false report given by some ignorant guru.

7-9-2014 Intel Guru SteveI [do you think they will continue on Sunday to completing all the voting for President and PM too?] President and his deputies for sure, but for the Prime Minister, maybe or perhaps. It could but probably within days thereafter because of the mess they are in. As you have seen, this information can change within a few hours. It is very clear that they are in a pressure cooker now as the Supreme Court of Iraq is probably stepping in to uphold the constitution and deadlines set forth regarding the election timeline. There has been great pressure to select a different candidate, but Maliki himself has refused to withdraw his candidacy. Maliki has no chance of staying in power period.

7-9-2014 RUMOR Guru DC [via Adept1] In Iraq…we have had phone calls confirming that Maliki has retired… We are quite ready for the new PM, Speaker and President. They have been selected although not formally voted on. Everyone is in gear and ready to go, in terms of the ministers who have been selected. The customs, border agents, and CBI are all ready for this to get done. Everyone has calmed down and the security situation in Iraq is better due to actions against ISIS and others. Iraq is absolutely ready to go.The agencies are all green: UST, Fed, banks, UN, IMF, administration is absolutely ready to go and get things done. Everyone…is in the right seat for this to be executed. We don’t have the exact time…Now that everything has settled down, it’s ready to go!

7-9-2014 RUMOR Guru TNT Tony [via Adept1] We know a huge hurdle was removed when Maliki left, and since then everyone has been urging on the process. They don’t want you to know what time/date. All the obstacles have been cleared and now we are just waiting on when they make the announcements. Let’s see what happens.

Fact check, Maliki has NOT left!! He is shown in Iraq via pictures and meetings, like his weekly address that was given live yesterday!

7-9-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Nothing is going to happen until an official Prime Minister is in place. Period. At this time, there still is nobody that has strong enough support to replace Maliki. Although Maliki “won” the election, he doesn’t have enough Parliamentary support to move forward. This means that he’s going to have to reach across the aisle and make some friends in the Sunni camps, which will make a lot of Kurds happy and will assist in moving EVERYTHING forward.

7-9-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Of lesser importance is the ISIS invasion…they are still fighting and the situation is not pretty, but they aren’t going to take Baghdad and this can’t go on forever. There will be a resolution in the near future. Parliament is making no progress at this time, but that will be changing soon as well. If Maliki wants to hold onto the power that he currently has, he must give in to some of the Kurds demands, and again… that’s what will make things start moving in the right direction again. It’s not time to give up, but don’t expect anything major for a couple weeks.

7-9-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Much of the information the last month on the political situation coming from Iraq has been very accurate. I have talked to businessmen in Iraq. They say it is a mess and getting really bad. We know the political situation is real because not only the articles but middle east experts are discussing and talking about the situation… It is real and not made up or some cover for a secret RV coming. Heck the Kurds announced today they will have the referendum for succession before the end of the year.

7-9-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni …the problems in Iraq are real and there is no change in value of the dinar coming for while. To much needs to be “fixed” …political stability, a parliament that passes laws (and they have to start over an all laws that have been previously read), and the CBI needs to be in compliance with the IMF. Not to mention fix or repair damaged infrastructure that these terrorists are doing throughout the areas they are in. IMO, I cannot see how the CBI could do anything with the currency during the remainder of this year.