Security implications threaten to suspend negotiations to form a government despite the ratification of the results

Security implications threaten to suspend negotiations to form a government despite the ratification of the results of the ballot

06/17/2014 (00:01 pm)

Security implications threaten to suspend negotiations to form a government despite the ratification of the results of the ballotBAGHDAD / Ghazanfar Laibi

A source in the National Alliance, he is no longer preoccupied with the formation of the government because he was engaged to study the formation of a “collective leadership” to manage the crisis of the current security, while calling for Deputy for the Sadrists, to expedite the convening of the first session of the parliament, amid calls to speed up the launch of political reforms, and changes in the elements of leadership , holds mitigate the effects of the current collapse.
This comes at a time when the Federal Court announced on Monday that it has ratified all the winners of the House of Representatives in the last election, but delayed the ratification of the four MPs, including all of Salim al-Raad and Aldhlki and others.
The Constitution requires the president to invite the new parliament to convene within 15 days of the ratification of the election results, with the possibility to extend this invitation for once.
A senior source in the National Alliance for the “long”, said the coalition parties are busy confronting the military stalemate, may lead to the postponement of negotiations on forming a new government until the restoration of security in the country, but the Liberal bloc parliamentary led by Muqtada al-Sadr, has called for speeding up a session first the House of Representatives and call for the election of a speaker and two deputies, and the formation of a government as soon as possible to meet the challenges facing the country. A source familiar with the National Alliance, said that “the coalition parties preoccupied with security implications and is not thinking of forming a new government until the restoration of the situation in the country.” The source, who spoke on the “long” and asked not to be named, said that “the National Alliance in the process of forming a joint command in order to face the repercussions of security in Mosul and other areas,” expected “the inability of the new parliament from holding its first session within the time limit prescribed by the constitution “.
For his part, MP Awad al-Awadi, a member of the Liberal bloc, said that “the first meeting must be held within 15 days after the ratification of the members of the new deputies and managed by the oldest member,” likely to be “MP Fuad Masum, is the interim president of the parliament, which would call for the election The choice of the speaker and his two deputies and the president of the republic. ”
“The first session requires a political agreement for the selection of the speaker and the president, and because of the circumstances of the country, and constitutional vacuum and the challenges facing the country, it should be no insistence by all the political blocs in order to hold the first session of the Iraqi parliament,” and urged the Vice-President to “call for the convening of the first session and invite the political blocs to accelerate the formation of the government.”
Article 55 of the Iraqi Constitution, “The House of Representatives shall be elected at the first session its president, then a first deputy and second deputy, by an absolute majority of the Council members by direct secret ballot.”
With Article (70 / I) to “elect the House of Representatives from among the candidates President of the Republic, a majority of two-thirds of its members, secondly,” If none of the candidates on the required majority, the rivalry between the two candidates with the highest votes, and declared president who gets majority of votes in the second ballot. “as Article (72 / b) that” continues the president to exercise his duties until after the elections of the new House of Representatives and the meeting, that the election of a new president within thirty days from the date of the first convening of the Council. ” In the same context, says MP Vian Dakhil, a member of the Kurdistan Alliance, said that “the serious situation experienced by the country currently does not refer to the first session of the Iraqi parliament over a short period,” indicating that “no agreement politically at the present time a lot of important topics and vitality” .
Ruled out an intruder in an interview for the “long” be “there is an agreement on the formation of the new government and the selection of the three presidencies, because the quotas are master of the situation at the present time,” pointing out that “the President of the Parliament should be determined within 15 days of approval of the final results of the members of the Board House of Representatives, according to the Federal Court and the Parliament is dissolved, in the absence of a vote on the parliament speaker and his two deputies. ”
She added that “the Federal Court said the subject of her open meeting and there is no open session, as happened in the previous parliamentary session during which the selection of the three presidencies.”
She continued by saying, “presides over the first session of the parliament and the oldest member during which election of the Speaker and his deputies,” calling for political blocs to “leaving aside political differences and work to convene a session of the new parliament.”
Later in the Park Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki “to the Iraqi people and the new deputies” Declaration of the Federal Court ratified the results of the recent parliamentary elections.
Maliki said, through a statement seen (range) a copy of it, “We have become front complete the rest of the steps of the democratic process and the formation of the government and launch a new phase of the political process which we hope will be characterized by understanding and national unity and concerted efforts to counter terrorism, which is the enemy of all Iraqis and even the whole of humanity” .
The seal-Maliki said: “We hope that further enhances national efforts now to win the battle with terrorism and Iraq to save, protect and averting evil enemies.”