Swedish-based company expects growth of the Iraqi Stock

Monday April 30, 2012
Sumerian News / Baghdad predicted Company F. M. G Swedish Fund Management a strong growth of the shares of Iraq, despite the instability that afflict the security situation in the country.  He said the fund manager’s basic F. M. AG in Singapore Johann cam on Monday, “The increased demand for oil is expected to stimulate the economy and increase the income of consumers in Iraq. ” He said Cam, who runs his company about $ 200 million funds in emerging markets, a new “Iraq will benefit from high oil prices with reconstruction after the devastating war that lasted nearly a decade.” and can outperform Iraq, which has huge oil reserves untapped on Saudi Arabia as the largest producer in the world, according to AFP. mother. LG launched fund in Iraq, the size of $ 20 million in June 2010. The Swedish company does not invest in Iraq directly, but allocate money to managers of other funds .