Life: Maliki is ready to abandon the «third mandate»

Life: Maliki is ready to abandon the «third mandate»

2014/5/23 01:24:30 AM

Life-Maliki is ready to abandon the third mandatePublished Al-Hayat newspaper in its edition today, a report stating: Al «life» of the sources familiar with the program of the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Tehran tomorrow, it will be to Iranian officials not to his commitment to run for a third term «in order to preserve the unity of the National Alliance» fractious Shi’ite himself in this matter. Has begun deliberating the names of his alternate personalities, including his deputy, Hussein al-Shahristani, and the leader of the «Badr» Hadi al-Ameri.

The sources said that al-Maliki will meet with senior Iranian leaders, and in the forefront guide of the Islamic Republic Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rohani, and will discuss with them at some point after the election «and put them in the framework of consultations conducted by the political blocs to form a new government», after he refused to «Supreme Council», headed by Ammar Hakim, and the Sadrist movement his candidacy for a third term.

The Iraqi sources keep pace with the visit, that al-Maliki will be officials in Tehran not to insist on the third term, despite the progress of his coalition in the elections to all rivals, «the sake of unity« Alliance », who failed to agree on a mechanism to choose a candidate for prime minister. Began trading names and Ameri-Shahristani, the deputy of the coalition of Hanan al-Maliki, which got the most votes in the province of Babylon.

The scenarios presented to the forefront after al-Maliki, to ensure its survival within the scene, Washington withdrew its objections to the nomination of a former leader of the «National Conference» Ahmad Chalabi.

A U.S. official in Iraq’s «life» yesterday, said that «Washington would not interfere in the details of the formation of the government, but offers tips to ensure political consensus and unity of the country», and stressed that it rejects the «vast political». He added that his country «does not have a veto on the name of any candidate for the presidency of the government», stressing that «includes Chalabi» which soured his relationship with the U.S. administration after 2003, and classified as closer to Iran.

It says that among Shiite political Chalabi Matrouh as a compromise candidate by blocs «citizen» and «chest», and despite winning on the list of mass-Hakim, however, the latter is the actual candidate, Adel Abdul Mahdi.

These indicators are the first of its kind to look seriously at alternative options for «the third term». However, this task very difficult.

On the other hand, there is another scenario that includes the survival of Maliki in office, with stripped of much of his powers, through a shadow government led virtually the leader of the «National Alliance», which is a block-wise, across the internal system strictly for the government, and for «National Alliance» and a series of pledges and guarantees shrinking the authority of the Prime Minister.

Some sources say that Tehran at this stage does not adhere to the state-Maliki Third, although a strong trend Iranian believes that change in Iraq will bring comfort to the political environment in the region, but they do not want to besiege the authority of the prime minister, regardless of the person.

Despite the lack of express Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani any position to form a government, but those close to him say that with the settlement included not give al-Maliki as prime minister, on condition that his removal from the political scene.