Deputy for the law: There is a secret move with some of the blocks to form a government

Deputy for the law: There is a secret move with some of the blocks to form a government

Thursday, 22 May / May 2014 09:32

Deputy for the law-There is a secret move with some of the blocks to form a government[Baghdad – where]

The MP said the Dawa Party-Iraq Organization WIN in the coalition of state law, Khalid al-Asadi, a political movement and not a secret to the media with some political blocs to form the next government.

He said al-Asadi told all of Iraq [where] “We will start intensive meetings with the political blocs and we will announce these meetings, if reached with the agreements, adding that” It is not necessary that all meetings in public and certainly some of these meetings will be far from the media because it is in the process of negotiating ” .

He added that “processes communicate directly with most of the political blocs have begun and we are reassured that it will come to good results through Tfahmatna and our conversations with the political blocs. ”

Announced the Electoral Commission for elections last Monday the final results of the parliamentary elections.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, has said on Wednesday in his weekly “we’re beginning phase of negotiation and procedures, required by the next stage, for the completion of a strong government capable of withstanding the task and challenge the odds, facing the road,” calling to “accept the results of the elections and the lack of questioning by stirring fanfare around, “adding that” challenge the results legally guaranteed right and acceptable to all .

Talabani was both an MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Jalal Talabani said that we get [21] seats will give us more power to negotiate with the other parties in the Kurdish forces to move towards the capital Baghdad to negotiate with other political entities to form a new government. ”

And forming the next Parliament of [328] seats won, including a coalition of state law [95] seats and lists Sadrist [34] seats, and a coalition of citizen [31] seats, and a coalition united to repair [23] seats, what happened to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by President Jalal Talabani at [21] seats as the coalition of Arab, which is headed by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, a [10] seats, scoring the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, [25] seats in the federal parliament while harvesting a coalition of national, led by Iyad Allawi [ 21] seats and got a number of other lists several seats. ended 2