Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-8-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-8-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions5-8-2014 Intel Guru TD First of all there has been NO RI or any rates appearing at “select countries” or banks. Second, a new government will be formed (without Maliki) shortly after May 26th. 3rd) Turki is staying on no matter what and the CBI has agenda items to rollout in June. One can only hope that currency reform in some form or another is on the list…

5-8-2014 Intel Guru MarkZ [is it time 4 rv now?] I am looking for it soon! [do you feel the rate will come out at 1-1 or will the rate be the prewar rate of 3.22 plus inflation?] I have been cautioned against giving any kind of rate. I expect higher than a dollar though. [are rates still showing on the bank screens?] Three bankers I spoke with today said yes, Two said no. 4 different banks total. [do you think this will occur early mornings or in the day est time?] early morning is easier logistically.

5-8-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana […news article states they are inviting parliament members to work on the budget in the next 2 days. The article was dated 5 May. Other news articles state working on the budget in the next month. …opinion?] My opinion is that it needs to be done soon, they want it to be done soon, but it’s probably going to be a little late. Anytime they say “2 days” I automatically adjust to “1 week”. : )

5-8-2014 Newshound Guru Stryker All road maps seem to be leading to economic reform and a major change in the monetary structure of the Iraqi dinar but keep in mind that it is Iraq we are dealing with and anything can happen to change this course. Where I believe there is a well-defined plan in place, some great leaders to see it through and some solid coalitions in agreement to get them there I urge everyone to be casually optimistic but if what I point out here day comes to true we will be having an early July RVQ [RV?].

5-8-2-14 Intel Guru MarkZ Iraq is supposed to release it’s budget tomorrow [Thursday] which we expect to hold the new rate. [what proof do we have the there was actually an RI in Iraq? And, if there was an RI how long can it go one until an rv is triggered for us in the US?] Multiple confirmations on RI. The problem is a country can RI or even rv internally and the rest of the world does not have to acknowledge it. Especially when the currency is not internationally recognized. The key here is for the IQD to become an internationally recognized currency and then the RI or rv surfaces everywhere.

5-8-2-14 Intel Guru MarkZ [Who is ultimately responsible for the approval and final release of a currency release to the international community? IMF, Iraq, US, someone else?] As I understand it the IMF will release it to regional level and once the controller of the north american banking block pulls the trigger then the world will acknowledge the reset. [today someone indicated WF was showing dinar, Zim, VND, rupiah at the screens on hold..your thoughts?] Highly likely, I spoke with some other bankers that said they had a rate showing. [what is the end date for this to go? Is it this month?] I believe it to be this month. [vnd, zim, rupiah all with dinar?] I am looking for them at the same time.

5-7-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday lately we have seen so many announcements about the activation of the economic reforms…we are wondering when they are going to quit talking and make a move…lets look at what has been said. the IMF has ordered publicly that CBI needs to set the rate for the USD – now we know that the USD is the world currency and the comparable happens internationally…it is seen on the CBI site at the bottom at this time – the Swift codes have been set and include exchange houses…yesterday — Turki made an announcement that he was going to move forward with all economic reforms – publicly…Turki also stated that he was moving forward with or without the budget set…they have hired someone from the UN that is working to get them to an active status quicker than they normally would be able to do so the economy can recover quicker. Iraq is coming to the globe and making all the moves and announcements we would expect…

5-7-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [How can they raise the value of the Dinar, when they don’t have low enough value coins too make change?] The answer is pretty simple – they use USD as well as IQD. If they decided to increase the value to a point where there isn’t IQD available to make change, they would substitute USD instead. I’m confident that when they do raise the value, they will be focused on flooding the market with lower denoms and also pulling the larger ones out. It shouldn’t be a difficult transition.


5-7-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 AGAIN today within the articles of the SBS they are lacking in subtle attitudes. They are TELLING us and soon will SHOW us …An International Rate.

5-7-2014 Misinformed Intel Guru Mnt Goat the reinstatement does not really matter in the eyes of who is really controlling the rollout. It was an attempt by the IMF and Iraq to bypass the USA in this process but without any success…the new rates are at the banks! All we need is one simple word – GO – and it is done. We will see the long awaited revaluation of the IQD (Iraq’s currency). I will tell you now it is the plan of the USA not to rollout a reinstatement rate but to come out with a revaluation rate sometime. I have heard it could even be as long as mid June 2014. But this is only a date thrown out to us as any date since in their real intention they have to end date. They will attempt to keep stalling the reinstatement with more excuses…

5-7-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana …we are simply in a holding pattern right now. The good news is that Iraq has reported all 165,000 “remote” votes have been accounted for and it is reported that they should be entered within the next couple days. In some MAJOR news, Iraq is finally allowing 3G to enter the arena…hopefully in preparation for a massive need for updated communication systems! And the holding pattern continues… but with any luck, we’re looking for strong news this week or early next.