Vice-Anbar: the government wants to extend the life of the crisis until the election

Vice-Anbar: the government wants to extend the life of the crisis until the election and the intelligence failure opened the doors of our cities before da

01.22.2014 (0:01 pm)

The government wants to extend the life of the crisis until the election Baghdad / Wael grace

Warned MPs Anbar of continuing to rely on “military scenario” to end the crisis in the province, but they added that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki seeks to prolong the crisis until the next election, also demanded to open the door of a genuine dialogue with the tribes to spare the city’s military solutions, and then meet the demands of the demonstrators in the desert peacefully since.
MP said the Anbar Hamid al-Mutlaq if the government acted “wisely” and walk curriculum peaceful “remove aspects of the war and the military campaign,” and have to give some rights demonstrators, and moved away from the bombing of cities, and in cooperation with local police and the people of the city, they inject the blood of the citizens and the crisis is resolved. ”
added al-Mutlaq, a member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary authorization for “long” yesterday that “there are great opportunities to end the crisis in the province, if they move the political parties, all with wisdom and responsibility and national high,” adding that the use of force in Anbar will lead to the complexity of the problem. ”
For her part, MP for Anbar to meet with pink Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki “wants to prolong the crisis until the election,” to the goals, said he wanted to achieve for some time and found the appropriate time in Anbar.
added Pink told the “term” that targets wants “Maliki achieved” bears consequences sons of Anbar, and civilians who fell victim to indiscriminate shelling, and the loss of state funds, and the mechanisms that have been lost in the battle and the victims of the army, and described the military campaign in Alaabarr “war of anarchism.”
said Pink is a member of the National Dialogue Front, that “The prime minister moves the Army in Anbar to the goals of political and electoral and regional, under the pretext of the existence of (Daash),” and added that “the truth of what is being popular movement and a tribal reaction to what he has done Maliki of removing platform sit-gray and burning demands of the demonstrators.”
They noted that the people of Anbar ” would file lawsuits against the killers of their children, and against media that promote deliberately presence of armed Arabs and foreigners in the province. ”
emphasizes pink that “a military solution in Anbar will lead to loss of life and material”, and suggested the continuation of the “crisis of Anbar hanging until the next legislative elections . ”
to the MP from the Anbar full-Dulaimi that the continuation of the problem scenario in Anbar until the legislative elections would be catastrophic, stressing that the prolongation of the crisis will be deprived of Anbar and their children to choose their representatives in parliament.
Dulaimi said in a statement the “term” that “the problem in Anbar will not be solved in any way by military means, “calling to differentiate between the parents and the children of the tribes and insurgents.
bore Dulaimi responsible for decline of the security situation in Anbar, to the weakness of the role of the security services and intelligence effort, “What made ​​the militants infiltrating into cities,” and urged the government to open the door to dialogue with the people of the tribes who are fighting the insurgents, and al-Qaeda and extremists.
sees al-Dulaimi, the difficulty of ending the crisis in Anbar, “military”, because of the penetration of militants into neighborhoods and homes, pointing out that hit the army to revive housing, will cause “disaster added to the record political performance in Iraq is far from the tools of democracy.”
Meanwhile, a Dulaimi, head of the correction national in Anbar, which is seeking to contest the legislative elections, said, “Send the names of candidates to the Electoral Commission still faces technical problems, and political”, and added that he and his capacity as the leader of the “still pursues its candidates in order to get their belongings official footprint personal, “as well as the decline of many for the nomination because of the crisis in Anbar.
deputies had and politicians in Anbar, said the “long” The events in the city, recently, reflected negatively on the run-up to elections, They pointed out that many of the candidates announced their withdrawal from the nomination, what sparked chaos inside the blocks on the nomination of the names of new, while decided Others move to other blocks because of the political positions of the new imposed by the crisis Anbar.
drew these MPs that the political blocs are having trouble obtaining documents of candidates and their belongings official to be sent to the Commission, due to the closure of universities and departments official, while others expressed fear of sending the documents to the Office of Anbar, because “under pressure and threat because of the deteriorating security situation in the province.”