Iraq tops the list of suicide bombings in the world

Iraq tops the list of suicide bombings in the world

Wednesday, 22  January 2014 15:00

Iraq tops the list of suicide bombings in the world[Baghdad – where]

Iraq issued a list of countries in the world in the number of suicide bombings that have occurred in the last year 2013.

According to statistical reports published by international centers emerged that 98 a suicide bombing in Iraq last year’s total of 291 in the process of any countries in the world that a third of these bloody operations occurred in Iraq.

In the follow-up statistical told all of Iraq [where] it turned out that the suicide operations in the world in 2013 led to the deaths of 3,100 people in 18 countries as a result of the process, up 291% from 25 in 2012.

These figures are limited to operations that provide them suicide bombers blow themselves up to kill innocent others by various means, including car bombs and explosive belts.

Observers believe that Israel is the primary beneficiary of bloody operations in the Middle East also point out that the al Qaeda affiliated groups carried out 95% of the general suicide bombings in the world in 2013.

According to figures published by the Arab countries where uprisings have taken place which is called [the Arab Spring] was a hotbed for suicide operations.

Has occurred in 8 Arab countries 146 suicide operation accounts for about 50% of the suicide attacks in the whole world. The share of Iraq’s 98 suicide bombing in 2013, compared with 53 a suicide bomber in 2012.

According to figures published in 1500, Iraq has witnessed a suicide bombing since the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, mostly because of religious and ethnic tensions.

Iraq and occupied the list of the world and the Arab countries that have signed the suicide operations in 2013, followed by Syria, which occupies the second place with 27 Arab suicide bomber.

Include suicide operations in addition to Iraq and Syria 6 other countries are Somalia, [14] and Yemen [10] and Egypt [6] and Lebanon [3], Libya [1], Tunisia [1]

And saw the other countries, including Afghanistan, suicide operations [65] and Pakistan [35] and Mali [15] and Nigeria [3] others. End