Barzani: America told us not to accept delivery of the Kurdish military aircraft of the owners

22/04/2012 20:47

Erbil, April 22 / April (Rn) – The Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani on Sunday that he had informed the U.S. administration not to accept the Kurds delivery of aircraft, “F-16″ fighters to Iraq as long as Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki hold office in the country. conducted Barzani foreign tour recently included America and European countries and Turkey, where he met with senior officials, particularly President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. and the president of the province a few weeks ago sharp criticism of the owners and some politicians, who accused them of trying to get the planes to be used to attack the Kurds. Barzani said during a meeting on Sunday in Erbil, a group of journalists on the occasion of rejoicing Kurdish press that he told the U.S. not to accept the Kurds delivery aircraft “F 16″ U.S. combat in Iraq as long as al-Maliki in power. and new regional president warned that the country is moving towards dictatorship, stressing that “whatever the price can not accept the return of dictatorship to Iraq, and if we fail to stop the dictatorship will not be with Iraq ruled by a dictator. ” Barzani said that “this situation is unacceptable and does not serve Iraq and the Kurdistan region,” noting that “the Kurds have been waiting for six years and promises Maliki, but to no avail.” He noted that he would talk with President Jalal Talabani and other political blocs on the crisis in order to reach appropriate solutions, adding, “There is still plenty of time.” said president of the province there was no between him and al-Maliki any personal problem, stressing that it was a non- meet al-Maliki promises and agreements. For the right of Kurds to self-determination, Barzani said that he is a natural right of the Kurds, but must exercise this right in time. “The United States has informed us that they had no objection to the accession of any change in Iraq after it was rejected in the past it, “stressing that” this position again in the interests of the Kurds. ” Barzani said that he had discussed in his State the Syrian crisis, noting that he had informed officials of these countries that there is a difference between the Kurds of Syria and the Syrian opposition.He added that the Syrian opposition must show the position of the demands of Syrian Kurds, pointing out that the KRG does not interfere in Syrian affairs and Kurdish parties there, but supports the positions of the Kurdish parties and the rights of the Kurds.Abdullah Sabri