The Washington Post: the impatience of the West requires the use of force against al-Assad

23/04/2012 17:42

Erbil, April 23 (Rn) – The Washington Post reported in its issue today that the United States, France and 13 other countries called for Syria to stop immediately its military operations against the opposition and allow the deployment of United Nations observers without restriction or condition, but will consider an order to use force in the absence of commitment.The newspaper pointed out that the Paris meeting last Thursday of foreign ministers of the “Friends of Syria” sent a message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to the effect that the patience of Western leaders began to run out of delaying the implementation of the points six of the peace plan, including the truce that was negotiated by Kofi Annan, adding that Syria has not stopped the killings. , the newspaper said French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, who spoke for the group said that the mission of United Nations Observer Mission in Syria, “at a critical moment” because of “Syria’s refusal implementation of their obligations,” which will call for France to provide a draft resolution to the Security Council and we hope that Russia and China approved. said the Washington Post that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, warned Assad, in a move to escalate from that if he stayed at his refusal to commit to the implementation of the Annan plan for peace, the United States and its allies will seek to adopt a resolution of the Security Council based on the Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, where that this article opens the door to the use of force, as happened in Libya last year. The American newspaper that the signs of impatience with Western leaders visible in their statements as French President Nicolas Sarkozy accused the Syrian regime is planning to destroy the city of Homs, calling Western powers should be the establishment of humanitarian corridors for the protection of the opposition forces, stressing that France would be ready for the implementation of these corridors, while the Foreign Minister Juppe said he should be allowed to patrol the United Nations Observer navigate to any location in Syria without prior notice or permission from the government. As Pentagon leaders, The paper adds, say the U.S. military is still looking for other ways to stop the violence in Syria, and will be ready when needed, noting that U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said in his testimony before the Armed Services Committee U.S. House of Representatives, “We discussed a range of options with regard to can be done, including the possibility of the development of humanitarian corridors, and we are ready to do whatever agreed upon by the international community at the end. ” and the movement of the Washington Post about Colonel owner Kurdish, an officer in the Syrian army free that “the Annan plan Fshalh from the beginning,” and wondered “How can the United Nations to send observers after more than a year of violence? to discover what they want now?, all the world came to be known it all!. see: Fadi Zeidan