Mutlaq: controls on transfers to reduce the dollar’s decline

04/23/2012   BAGHDAD / JD / .. According to a member of the Finance Committee and the parliamentary deputy for the Iraqi List, Ibrahim al-Mutlaq controls on transfers of civil and offices that deal in dollars.   Mutlaq said L / JD / “The Finance Committee and placed controls on the dollar, which gives to the civil and private remittances are still working on the other mechanism to limit the depreciation of the dollar in the local market.”

He said al-Mutlaq, “was discussed decline of the dollar within the Finance Committee to host a financial advisor and after reviewing through a telephone conversation with representatives from the Office of Financial Supervision and officials at the Ministry of Finance attributed the reasons for the decline to the problems in Syria and Iran.”   And al-Mutlaq, “The war in Syria and Iran in the problems affecting Iraq, in addition to purchases that adopted either by the private sector or government.” A member of the parliamentary finance committee and the representative of the Iraqi List, “Iraq is free from infrastructure, industrial and agricultural Vimay on the basis of import”.