U.S. expert: Receiver-Maliki in Washington (prey), but did not understand the message!

U.S. expert: Receiver-Maliki in Washington (prey), but did not understand the message!

Created on Wednesday, November 13/2 November 2013 16:31

Maliki and ObamaTomorrow, Washington / Orr News

Counting an American expert that both Iran and the United States, representing international partners as long as “they adopted the” Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to stay in office over the past years. While between Maliki deliberately to a series of measures trying through “appease” his opponents local and overseas, confirmed that he will succeed in portraying his visit to the White House implicitly as “endorsement for a third term,” despite the reception year, “Garah to feel” in Washington.

This came in an article for expert Michael Knights, a researcher at the Washington Institute for the Near East, which was posted on the BBC news, said Knights, there were “points of view prominent for Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who has just returned from Washington, in the first visit since 2011, the date of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, “noting that” one of those points of view, represented by he promised the dictator, highlighting the unique executive powers and use the power of the state to crush competitors institutions and individuals. ”

The expert added the U.S. that “al-Maliki as soon regained his reputation soon be floundering of the political and security crisis to another,” adding that it “suggests to many observers that the days of al-Maliki political numbered, and that the establishment of free elections on schedule, in (the 30th of April next in 2014), that would get it out of power. ”

And wondered Knights, if “is the real Nuri al-Maliki, whether it was a strong man who has prolonged his rule for decades, or personal quickly forgotten, has been replaced through the ballot box.” He believed that the “star-Maliki, who is perceived to be weak in the beginning of his reign in 2006, stepped up and achieved success and gain the trust in 2008, when the decision was taken in cooperation with the Americans in a crackdown against the Mehdi Army militia elements.”

According to expert, the U.S., that “al-Maliki began after the military victories, the acquisition of the security authorities, and the development of independent bodies, the Supreme Court and the State Treasury and the Central Bank and the Communications and Media Commission, at its disposal,” he continued that despite the “re-centralization of power in the policy-Maliki, it should improve the management of the political balance in Iraqi parliament Almichzi the Americans withdrew from the country in December last year, 2011. ”

And saw the Knights, that “al-Maliki instead began to exclude a lot of Iraqi political parties, which prompted Balthalvin Kurdish movement, to try to withdraw confidence from it, in the spring of 2012 the past”, returned to those “attempts failed because of Iran’s support for the owners, but it has become clear faces huge challenges in securing a third session in the next year 2014. ”

He went on expert American, Michael Knights, of the Washington Institute for the Near East, saying, “The al-Maliki, on the other hand, did not achieve victory in the provincial elections in April 2013, it reached a success rate of the block, a coalition of state law, 22 percent, while the 28 percent in 2009, and failed to achieve victory on the boards of the President, such as Baghdad and Basra, as is the case with other Shiite parties against him. ”

The Knights, that “al-Maliki quickly in recent months as a result of that, to soften its policy towards the other political forces, as indulgence with the Kurds in all important issues, and away from their way into the pipeline oil via Turkey, also was quick to try to redress the break with opponents Arabs of the year, through the re-arming tribal Awakening, and promised to make adjustments to the de-Baathification laws and the fight against terrorism. ” And went writer and analyst with the American specialist in Iraqi affairs that “al-Maliki also sought to remind the Iraqis turn to defeat the armed militias in 2008, when he urged them, last Monday, to remember the role of the militias of the Sadrist movement, in the killings, kidnapping and robbery in Basra, Karbala, Baghdad and other provinces.” Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki attacked, on the fourth of November, the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, accusing him and “ميلشياته notorious killing Iraqis in light of what was called the Islamic courts”, as well as taking royalties and bribes and participate in sectarian strife, with the cross- regretted that “to be a religious leader,” called to “refrain from the policy of collusion with some countries.”

Continued Knights in the article by saying that “the al-Maliki depends on them from international partners, especially after that was able to attract U.S. and Iran at his side,” adding that “both, the U.S. and Iran, Angmah on numerous occasions, from losing his job, and stay there since 2006 . ”

And increased good American, that “al-Maliki initiated also to appease Turkey, using the Sunni leaders to alleviate their opposition if renewal of his mandate, as well as in spite of the reception year Garah to feel him in Washington, it will succeed in portraying his visit to the White House implicitly as a recommendation for a third term” .