Washington lost Iraq and al-Maliki vacuum Dam America and strengthened his authority

Jerusalem Post: Washington lost Iraq and al-Maliki vacuum Dam America and strengthened his authority

10/01/2013 (00:01 pm)

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Israeli writer felt that the United States lost Iraq after the withdrawal of its troops from the country which made Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki fill the power vacuum control of the Iraqi security forces.
Said Charles Baybealiser in an article in the newspaper The Jerusalem Post that in 18 of December of the year 2011, was the last convoy of U.S. troops withdraw from Iraq, ending nearly nine years of war that left killed about 4500 U.S. troops and tens of thousands of Iraqis.
and encodes to end the combat mission in a speech base Fortberg (the same location in which he declared George W. Bush the war in 2003), he emphasized President Obama repeatedly that in his pledge, announced in his election campaign in 2008 to withdraw from Iraq, while praised the courage of American soldiers and pledged that troops Iraq is ready to take responsibility for their country’s security. Obama has said “Of course, violence will not end … extremists will continue to detonate bombs, attack Iraqi civilians and seeking to ignite sectarian strife.”
At the same time, Obama boasted that “security incidents [in Iraq] was the nearest to their lowest level since the beginning of the war” ; However, the last two in July and August and reached levels not seen in the country since the outbreak of sectarian violence in Iraq by more than five years. Finally, Obama’s speech by saying that “what Americans can do, and what they will do, is to provide support for the Iraqi people as a friend and partner alike.”
that more than what Iraq needs, in its transition to democracy, it is the presence of a military force is limited and stable in the country. But Obama failed miserably in his quest (this if it was sincere in it) to conclude an agreement with the newly elected Iraqi government and to keep the fragile resident military presence in Iraq. Agreement has collapsed against the backdrop of the technical capacity to provide legal immunity for American soldiers, which was hardly an obstacle can be overcome, I thought.
Since then, Iraqi Prime Minister filled the power vacuum strengthen his rule. فأقصى prominent Sunni opponents emphasized control of the Iraqi security forces. Maliki has repeatedly violated the terms of the so-called Erbil agreement, which was meant to maintain the rights of Sunnis and Kurds. In parallel, Iraq had descended into chaos. In this year alone, killing about 5000 Iraqis in Sunni-Shiite terrorist attacks Basically, with the rise in the recent acts of violence, killing thousand Iraqis each month. And hardly a day goes by without several attacks perpetrated in parts of the country, while being relentlessly massacres.
, Iraq’s internal problems associated with the fact that the country fell into the arms of Iran. The first sign of this decline was accelerated Maliki government’s failure to condemn the brutal attack on the Syrian opposition on the part of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. While world leaders condemn the Syrian government in 2011, Maliki was speaking accent challenge calling on the Syrian opposition not to “sabotage” the country.
At last February, Maliki said that the fall of Assad is unlikely, calling the man “smarter” than Saddam, and his “political vision much deeper. ”
While believed that Iraq supports al-Assad, Iran go hand in more than help it. There are many reports have emerged in the last year, says that Maliki allow Iran to transfer weapons to Syria through Iraqi airspace, prompting the Foreign Minister of the United States John Kerry to do an unannounced visit to Baghdad last March to pressure on al-Maliki to do more checking in Iraqi space. Recently, the spread reports of that Assad transfer of weapons chemicals, as well as parts of the devices manufacture and maintain, across the border into Iraq; This came after he signed the United States and Russia signed an agreement stipulates that destroys the Syrian regime’s arsenal of chemical for the purpose of avoiding military intervention by an American.
chief Free Syrian Army, Brigadier Salim Idriss CNN last week that Baghdad will help Damascus in hiding stocks of chemical weapons.
and the worst grief, although he is not a surprise in light of these circumstances, was the announcement Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani, Earlier this month, in a meeting with Foreign Minister of Iran, said Iraq is ready to help Tehran develop its nuclear program.
Overall, after nearly a decade of war, did not get the United States, but a little bit of influence, such that remained then influence already in Iraq. In the meantime, the axis of evil, as described by former U.S. president, now under the strong leadership of Iran. And so lost the war for Baghdad.