International banks refuse to cooperate with Iraq in the detection of smuggled money

International banks refuse to cooperate with Iraq in the detection of smuggled money



Integrity Commission revealed the presentation made by international companies to recover Mawal smuggled from Iraq in return for up to 10% of the amount recovered.

While confirming that international banks refuse to help us in any information about the money that had been developed and deposit account number and not specific names.

A member of the Committee Deputy Shaker Darraji that “Iraq is suffering from the problem of how to recover the money contraband,” adding that “most of the money deposited in international banks refused to help us.”

He explained, “Iraq needs to get a court ruling in the States that have deposited money in the banks to recover,” adding, “but this is a very difficult issue.”

He revealed Darraji the existence of names and numbers to the Integrity Commission money smuggled especially those that had been smuggled during the period of the former regime, noting that “the system has deposited money abroad names of intelligence officers, and most of them have been deposited in secret number and not the names of specific and clear.”

He continued, “Despite all these difficulties, we are serious about recovery,” revealing “offer by several international companies to recover those Mawal exchange rate up to 10% or more.

The Finance Committee has announced the appointment of staff in embassies to monitor the transfer of funds contraband, asserting that Iraq is seeking to recover that money to the public treasury.

A member of the Finance Committee MP Najiba Najib Ibrahim that “the Commission is working to retrieve Iraqi funds that were transferred out of the country in unknown ways and turned by companies or persons habitual ways that are not clearly visible and invisible.”

She Najib “The Ministry of Finance will set the people in Iraqi embassies and consulates located in the countries of the world to see the size of that money and where she is and therefore will return that money to the public treasury because it belongs to the people of Iraq.”

It is noted that the House of Representatives has voted by majority on a draft law amending the law set the money smuggled forbidden traded in local markets.