Economic specialists emphasize the need for economic legislation to Iraqi politicians; Laws will support the local economy and encourage investment

Economic specialists emphasize the need for economic legislation to Iraqi politicians; Laws will support the local economy and encourage investment


BAGHDAD – Farah pumice increased calls for specialists to points of the legislative and executive branches need to activate the legislation of laws that support the local economy and encourage investment in several areas, as well as laws that safeguard the process of free competition in the fields of trade, industry and agriculture.

economic expert, Dr. Majid picture he felt “there is no understanding integrated market economy, because it does not mean that the private sector only, but the contribution of the public sector in it. said Suri (morning): “The package of laws needed to encourage investment and national output is disabled or legislator, because the main objective to encourage them is to activate the legislation of these laws investment and improve the local economy.

“and called expert concerned to cancel the previous laws concerning state control on production, and reviewed in order to support domestic production and encouraging, adding that the key issue is to address all laws relating to the economy totalitarian. Article (25) of the Constitution as follows: “The State shall guarantee reform of the Iraqi economy according to the foundations of modern economic and ensuring investment full resources, diversifying its sources, and encourage the private sector and development.”

He Suri in his speech: “The public sector must be at the service of the economy overall, because he needed a significant investment too, especially in the energy sector, generation and service sectors assistance that lead to stimulate the process of industrial and agricultural production, housing, noting that he must convert the management of the productive sector public to private management and the separation of capital for the economic process, and there are boards of directors independently without state intervention in this area .

and expert stressed the need to push the productive sector and public sectors in order to do his duty, especially that move the productive economy, especially the private sector will solve a lot of problems, including unemployment, considering that some of the laws did not help to support and strengthen the agricultural sector, the industrial production sector, specifically the tariff law , which is supposed to protect the existing industries and the industries that it is possible to do in order to do encouraging.