Iraq’s 2014 Budget sent to the Minister for approval

Iraq’s 2014 Budget sent to the Minister for approval


Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that the draft budget for 2014 sent from the Ministry of Finance to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers reached 174 trillion and 649 billion dinars, pointing out that the budget included an increase from the previous one in 2013 by more than 36 trillion dinars.

Draft budget for 2014 allocated $ 15 trillion and 910 billion dinars, local and international debts, including compensation of the State of Kuwait, which amounted to 6 trillion and 511 billion dinars, while the budget of the Kurdistan region 18 trillion and 936 billion dinars.

A member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Magda Tamimi that “the draft budget allocated 38 trillion and 901 billion dinars for the energy sector by 11 trillion dinars to the Ministry of Electricity and 27 trillion and 901 billion dinars for the oil ministry,” referring to the allocation of 7 trillion and 960 billion dinars for the Ministry of Commerce, including 5 trillion and 416 billion dinars allocated for the ration card. “

She pointed out that “the share of the Ministry of Defense in the draft budget $ 6 trillion and 376 billion dinars, and the Ministry of the Interior 10 trillion and 323 billion dinars, and the National Security Council 302 billion dinars.”

The allocated to the agricultural sector $ 3 trillion and 248 billion dinars, and the industrial sector 2 trillion and 405 billion dinars, construction and reconstruction trillion and 978 billion dinars. Tamimi explained that “the workforce of the ministries and departments centrally funded numbered 3 million and 63 thousand employees, has been allocated in the budget, the amount of 3 trillion dinars salaries of new ones.”

She said the paragraphs of the general budget for next year included the allocation of $ 99 billion and 240 million dinars for the presidency and 4 trillion dinars and 153 billion dinars counterbalance General of the Council of Ministers and 380 billion dinars a counterbalance to the House of Representatives, pointing to the allocation of $ 5 billion and 305 million dinars for the Energy Committee, chaired by Vice-President Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, and 10 billion dinars Economic Committee, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways and 14 billion dinars Services Committee, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq.

Member of the Committee showed that the draft budget for 2014 allocated $ 10 trillion and 656 billion dinars for local administrations (provincial) and investment bodies in the provinces. Updated on September 29, 2013