Deputy for patriots rule out the adoption of the election law on Monday

07-09-2013 02:15 PM

rule out the adoption of the election law on Monday Baghdad (news) .. Ruled out the MP / block patriots / Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri, to be able to the House of Representatives passing a law upcoming parliamentary elections, on Monday abundance differences on the amendment. Jubouri said (of the Agency news): I think not yet ripe ideas on ratification of the parliamentary elections, and can be approved next Monday, noting that there are significant differences towards the law and in particular which is Palmthagaad compensatory want big parties control. and take Jubouri: efforts of these blocks, as forging the will of the Iraqi people and the coming of minors by clergy reject them people, adding: that there are differences on the circuit multiple and also a certificate of candidate and other differences. noted that the current session ends in March of next year and will be held parliamentary elections after this date as being in the House of Representatives is currently discussing the law of parliamentary elections amid accusations of some blocks of seeking to adopt the closed list. / End