United Nations confirms its continued support for Iraq


Informed the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler the UN Security Council Tuesday on the latest developments in Iraq and in the second to attend to him in front of this Council since taking office six months ago. 
In remarks to reporters in New York, said Martin Nesirky Spokesman for the Secretary General of the International Kobler reported that members of the Security Council mission to the United Nations to help Iraq (UNAMI) will continue to… assist the Government and people of Iraq to meet the challenges facing the country. He added that the word Kubler included many important points, which was highlighted by a tribute to the UN special envoy efforts made ​​by the governments of Iraq and Kuwait to improve bilateral relations between the two countries and noted that the continuing violence in neighboring Syria, can be extended to Iraq in a way affect the “fragile balance” of power and increased sectarian tensions there. Speaking about the political process, he explained Kubler that the United Nations encouraged the Iraqi leaders to “find common ground” out of the political impasse, saying that a meeting destruction “is essential to address the differences between them” and stressing the readiness (UNAMI) to continue to support these efforts. Kubler stressed the importance of joint action of all these leaders together to resolve outstanding issues, including the holding of a national dialogue and the settlement of disputes relating to the limits of what is known disputed areas in addition to the human rights situation. Commenting on this paragraph from the word Kubler which asserts that the UN special envoy importance national dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues that hinder the political process, said lawyer Hassan Shaaban human rights activist told Radio Free Iraq that the call issued by the United Nations is an expression of opinion “sound and positive.” He expressed the hope to continue the international organization through the mission (UNAMI), “the pressure on all political forces without exception, and that the need to convene the National Congress for all these powers, provided that summons all to participate, either those in the parliament or outside it to the conference will be an alliance of nationally-year-old is not limited on the blocks and the winning parties in the elections only to result in such a meeting the comprehensive national project of a national program for the Iraqis and the Iraqi society, “according to his opinion.   Kubler described the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq in December 2011 and the Arab summit in Baghdad last March that they were of the most important developments the recent country. But he considered that the issues of internal political and potential implications of regional crises “still constitute obstacles to Iraq, while moving ahead on the road to full recovery.” and highlighted Kubler in his speech highlighted a number of specific concerns, including the situation of human rights, minorities and displaced within the country as well as the ongoing violence that takes more lives of civilians. Speaking of the violence, told Kubler UN Security Council that the first three months of this year saw the killing and wounding hundreds, he said: “targeted other attacks across the country, civilians without distinction as to what killed large numbers of the dead and wounded, including children. In the first three months of 2012 killed at total of 613 civilians, and injured 1800. This number is slightly lower than the outcome of injuries last year in civilian casualties. but the killing of any individual one of the men, women and children out terrorist attacks in streets, markets or mosques of Iraq is a large number in itself. ” Commenting on this paragraph from the word Kubler, said political analyst Amir Jabbar Saadi told Radio Free Iraq, “it is noted that the process of decision-making within the political system of Iraq continues to suffer from some of the failures and the first non- full political consensus which cast a shadow on the street as the greater challenges and Altnacf between the political parties the greater the intensity of the conflict in the security arena. and the violations that occur in this area exploit the weakness of the political consensus is reflected on the lives of ordinary citizens … “, according to his opinion . In an interview made ​​by telephone and can be heard in the audio file attachment, commented Saadi on several references contained in the word international official in front of the Security Council of the United Nations concerning the repercussions of the regional situation, especially the Syrian crisis continuing, the situation of Iraq’s internal various dimensions of political and social. UN special envoy to the members of the Security Council also on the steps taken by the United Nations, in cooperation with the Iraqi government to resolve the issue of residents of Camp Ashraf, members of the Organization (MKO), the Iranian opposition. He said in his speech: “between mid-February and so far, been the transfer of about 1200 residents of the camp of the new Iraq safely to the location of the transit at Camp Liberty near Baghdad. have been deployed for United Nations observers to monitor the transfer process and the situation in the camp of freedom around the clock. UNHCR has High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) United Nations team in the camp of freedom to check and decide on applications for asylum. ” In an interview made ​​by telephone and can be heard in the audio file attachment, after the lawyer Hassan Shaaban human rights activist on this paragraph from the word Kubler said that sources within the site New confirmed that former residents of Camp Ashraf “in good condition and awaiting permission to the approval of other countries to go to them as refugees, but this process will take a long time as the acceptance of the resort of those in the rest of the world, the question is not easy … so it is important that pushing the UN towards giving them the full range of the purpose of obtaining safe areas of refuge and should not be allowed to deliver any one of them in the meantime to the Iranian authorities, because that would mean the deadliest them, “he said. UN special envoy to Iraq, praised the host Baghdad to the top of the latest Arab, saying it formed a measure of the extent of progress made ​​by the country “after decades of dictatorship, war and economic hardship,” as he put it. He described the personal involvement of the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah at the conference as the event “historic” and a pointer to a “significant improvement in relations” between the two countries. He added that Iraq can now be exercised “a positive role in the region through chairing the current session of the Arab League summit as an independent and fully sovereign.” With regard to the Iraqi-Kuwaiti efforts to normalize bilateral relations and resolve all outstanding issues, said it was “encouraging”, as described. The Kubler hoped to help “practical steps” taken by the Government of Iraq to implement fully their obligations under international resolutions that help lift the country out of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. word Kubler which outlined where the members of the Security Council of the United Nations highlighted the developments in the first months of in 2012 was not without also referring to the impact of the ongoing violence in Syria on the situation of Iraqi refugees there. In the paragraph that talked about the seriousness of the Syrian crisis and the possibility of its extension to Iraq to affect the “fragile balance” of power and potential escalation of sectarian tensions, the official said the international violence, who said he is beginning to reflect actually the situation of Iraqis in Syria, declaring that “the country team of the United Nations was prepared by plans for large-scale emergency to mitigate potential accidents, “as he put it.