Iraqi culture has accused the U.S. of stalling in the return of the National Archives

11/04/2012 15:50

Baghdad, April 11 (Rn) – The Iraqi Ministry of Culture, said on Wednesday that the U.S. side continues to be used and the means of procrastination and Almmutalh on the return of documents and archives of the Iraqi National stolen from since 2003, noting that he cut off since the beginning of this year, all communication links with the Iraqi delegation Special to restore the archive. General Manager of the Library and Archives of Saad Eskander, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that… “the Iraqi ambassador in Washington, Jaber Habib Jaber visited the Archive of Iraq, and briefed on the operations of maintenance, and met with U.S. officials and confessed Avaidath of Iraq, but they invoked not to continue the Iraqi negotiators so as to complete the recovery operations. ” He also added that “the word of U.S. officials from the truth, the efforts aimed at delaying the case and the delay in the end, especially their attempts to convince the relevant authorities, that Iraq had neglected the issue of restoration of archives and its effects, causing disable resolution of this file.” says sources, preparation of documents, books, Iraq smuggled out of up to millions of important documents, and there are documents seized by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the other captured by the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon), and that those documents are distributed between the Hoover Institution and the State Department and National Center of the American Archive . and Alexander, “The Iraqi side has done a formal response to the points of the U.S. by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry on those Altsoevat designed to stall the retrieval of documents and to set aside all the promises and agreements made ​​in this regard in more than one negotiating session took place since 2006 and even now.” He said that “agreements concluded to re Archive in 2012, but that did not happen and what happened is the claim of neglecting the subject by the Iraqi side, which is contrary to the truth completely,” stressing saying, “I own all the books and documents that attest to the continued demand and follow up on the Iraqi side by the Committee in charge, which I chair concerning the restoration Archive Iraq completely. ” “The topic now need to diplomatic measures by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq and to pressure than before the Iraqi government in order to activate this matter.” The Iraqi delegation visited the United States in May / May 2010, and held a series of discussions with officials in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence Americans were received pledges from the U.S. side to return all the documents in his possession to Iraq, including the Archive Jew, during a short period. According to the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, 48 thousand containers containing millions of documents and archives the Jewish and the other was transferred to the United States, and that 70% of the archive consists of documents in Hebrew, Arabic and 25% and 5% in other languages. From: Wedding Shawky, RN Joseph Karwan