Washington is considering sending “1500” troops to Iraq

Washington is considering sending “1500” troops to Iraq

17:00 26/04/2013

Washington is considering sending Follow-up – and babysit – U.S. sources said at the White House about the possibility of the establishment of U.S. President Barack Obama to send 1,500 troops to end the crisis in Iraq circuit.
U.S. sources said, “President Barack Obama arrived convinced that the current crisis in Iraq could lead to sectarian war.”

The sources added that “Obama instructed American military leaders in the Pentagon study┬ásend 1,500 U.S. troops to participate to end the current crisis.”

And exacerbated the crisis in the country after clashes between Iraqi security forces and armed groups in the courtyard of a sit-Hawija in Kirkuk, which led to the deaths and injuries after violent clashes between security forces and a number of militants in different areas of the country, including Kirkuk, Anbar and Mosul and some other provinces. O, o