Newspaper: the dilemma of Washington to negotiate with Iran and the threat of the military option

03/04/2012 12:12

Beirut, April 3, 2012 (AKnews) – considered the “New York Times,” the U.S. that the U.S. administration is facing the dilemma of negotiating with Iran at the same time waving the military option in order to ensure the success of the diplomatic option. The newspaper quoted U.S. officials as the Americans say, that while preparing diplomats Americans and Europeans of the negotiations critical with… Iran over its nuclear program, find the White House itself bound by that to be successful diplomatic effort, it is necessary to believe the Iranian government that President Barack Obama is ready and determined to take military action.  The newspaper pointed out that with so tough, maybe be necessary for a diplomatic success, which create a feeling that the war can not be avoided.  She explained that it hides behind the fact that Obama and his military commanders are still worried about the consequences of an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, whether by Israel alone or stroke may attract the United States. The paper quoted Director of the Middle East and North Africa, “International Crisis Group,” Robert Malley saying “Obama has two main objectives, namely to avoid Israeli pressure to fight or to accept preventive war and neutralize the criticism the Republican view that very thin on Iran and the very intensity of Israel and for of these fronts, the task has been accomplished. ”   The paper also quoted Robert Malley saying he was “declaring clearly that contain a nuclear Iran is not subject, you need to Obama the United States military action to stop Iran if other means fail in this.”   The newspaper said that some officials of the House White admitted that in an election asking the Republican candidates to take action tougher line against Iran, the concerns expressed by the U.S. Defense Department, “Pentagon” in public and private on strike, you may submit to the President political cover what.  The newspaper reported that the simulation training secret war conducted by the leadership U.S. Central recently to assess the repercussions of an Israeli air strike, for example, turned it to an Israeli attack could lead to regional war widest been the United States to and where there are hundreds of dead Americans, which provides further evidence for the skeptics – not only in the Pentagon but also in the White House and the intelligence community Also, who warn that any military action by Israel against Iran, his seriousness. the paper quoted a former official at the U.S. National Security Council, Dennis said, “It is to the success of diplomacy must be there by the mandatory and if the Iranians believe that this type of deception it will not be effective so doing, the message is directed to the Iranians is that they have to choose between a diplomatic solution or face military action. ”   from: Khalil Khalil, RN peace Baghdadi