IRAQ LISTS 37,000 IN KUWAIT SINCE INVASION Grill threat over Sadrist ‘bedoun’

KUWAIT CITY, March 24: MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan in a parliamentary query wants to know the truth from the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak on what was stated by MP Mishari Al-Hussein during a television interview that the Iraqi government has submitted to its Kuwaiti counterpart a list of 37,000 Iraqis who entered the country during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and now claim to be bedoun. The Iraqi government also said 75 percent of them are loyal to the Mahdi Army or Mahdi Militia — an Iraqi paramilitary force created by the Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr in June 2003.
Al-Duwaisan said if this information is true, the Prime Minister must provide him a list of names. He also wants to know the whereabouts of these people with special emphasis on their employment details to know if they work in the government sector – interior or defense ministries.
The lawmaker has also asked about procedures taken by the government and why they were not interrogated or referred to the court on charges of entering the country illegally.
He added that what has been said by MP Al-Husseini requires quick action from the government and the Parliament because this issue is very dangerous to Kuwaiti society. He added, “I will resort to my constitutional tools including grilling if the Prime Minister fails to respond to this query.”
He added if the Premier confirms the veracity of this information, a committee should be formed to investigative this issue and tell why the issue was kept a secret for such a long time in spite of the risk it poses to the country.
On the same issue, MP Nawaf Al-Fuzai said he also intends to submit a query to the Interior Minister. He stressed this matter is extremely dangerous and cannot pass without a comment because it concerns the security and stability of the country.
He said he will also ask the minister to provide him the names of people, who his colleague said, have entered Kuwait. He added, “We want to know if this statement is true or false, if it is true why did the Interior Ministry not deny it until now.”
Meanwhile, MP Yaqoub Al-Sane has presented a draft bill on the establishment of ‘Criminal Evidences and Forensic Authority’ which should be attached to the Ministry of Justice.
According to the bill the authority shall be the only body in charge of examining criminal evidences and preparing technical reports on all issues which the investigation authorities and courts would need. The authority will also be in charge of all forensic works and supervision of criminal labs, and identification of personalities and works related to forgery and counterfeit.
According to the bill, the works of the existing Criminal Evidence Department, Forensic Department and its organizational structure at the Interior Ministry should be shifted to the authority. The employees of these departments should also be shifted to the authority at the time this law comes into effect. The Education, Culture and Guidance Affairs Committee is finalizing a bill to establish a Public Authority for Media to regulate the field of media in Kuwait, revealed MP Khaled Al-Shulaimi.
Speaking on the debt relief issue, Al-Shulaimi assured that the Assembly will pass the current law in its second deliberation next session despite any continuing reservations from the government.
Minister of Finance Mustafa Al-Shammali will be meeting with the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee beginning Monday to resume discussions to finalize the law but has expressed doubts on many legal aspects, preferring to resume the 2009 defaulters’ fund instead according to reports.
“The lawmakers will not accept returning to square one on this issue and it is the Assembly’s decision,” said Al-Shulaimi. “We have already been reassured on the legal and legislative aspects of law and the committee should look into other suggestions so that the law is passed in the second deliberation.”
MP Abdullah Al-Tammimi added further that the finance committee should consider the Independent Bloc’s proposal on debt relief before the expected second deliberation next week.
Meanwhile, the Public Utilities Committee continued its investigations into alleged violations pertaining to the Jaber Bridge project with a meeting with head of the tenders Committee. MP Adnan Al-Mutawa said the committee may finalize its report on the issue next week for debate at the Assembly.