Next April.Kuwait signs Iraq out of Chapter VII

Next April.Kuwait signs Iraq out of Chapter VII

The time on Tuesday, 19 March / March 2013 07:44
The Government expects the Iraqi Prime Minister’s visit during the month of April, the Iraqi official said that the visit signed out Iraq from Chapter VII.

Said Fouad aldorki, a member of Parliament of the State of law coalition that Sheikh Jaber Kuwaiti Prime Minister is expected to visit the capital Baghdad during April next, to examine the output file from Chapter VII and Iraq sign an agreement to resolve.

He said the Government would discuss with Kuwait on visit, ending border problems and oil extraction, stipulated and Kuwaiti ports of Mubarak the great South, Basra Iraq, referring to attempts to economic agreements and investment projects could be exercised by Kuwait within Iraq.

The Attorney pointed out that Iraq and Kuwait to discuss the dangers of Al-Qaida or inspired by crossing in Arabic area, try scaled and under conventions combine more than one Arab country to cope with the tide of terrorism and religious extremism.

Kuwait’s Ambassador to Iraq on Tuesday hinted, in a press statement that Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak will pay a visit to Iraq next April, adding that the visit will be productive and operational, will be the signing of the memorandums of understanding and agreements.

Noted that Kuwait paid Iraq $ 500 million to settle the file of Iraqi Airways, recently began ending the demarcation, determined to eject himself from Chapter VII, which occurred beneath it in the 1990s due to invasion of Kuwait with a view to its occupation by the former regime.