Central bank auction approach “Turk” and gangs control the dollar

Despite nearly three months Alabaster exclusion d. Shabibi Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, but the currency auction conducted by the bank, is still a matter of debate among politicians and economists. With detection parliamentary source early for the outbreak of major differences between the political parties and the Governor of the Central Bank and Agency Abdul Basit Turki, demanded Baghdad Chamber of Commerce, the central bank and the government to reveal the fate of the $ 250 million sold daily for banks and “organized gangs” led to the disruption of Iraqi dinar exchange rate .

Source Parliamentary said that differences cropped up as a result of the approach followed by the central bank governor and agency, which differs sharply from approach former governor Sinan al-Shabibi, where did ينهج road that was Shabibi has pursued and mechanism of action of Turkish Central influenced the interests of a number of politicians and their parties at a critical time were very dire when the proceeds mediation through a central bank auction of dollars. The source indicated that the auction was used by some parties and figures source of funding large activities partisan and political and funding bases and now picture is different and the reason is the difference between state law and the rest of the blocks on the arms deal, Russian and reaction Maliki destroy the spring, which was feed the remaining money is the auction, and now everyone is looking for a way to return to normal.

But a member of the Board Room Salah al-Waeli said the central bank auction sells daily enormous sums of money estimated at $ 250 million for banks operating against the country and controlled by organized gangs. Waili said he should government and the central bank to disclose the fate of these funds sold daily and that no map to know what to go this money and the goal of the bank sales these huge sums of money.

Waeli said that central bank sales led to osteoporosis in the dinar exchange rate and foreign currency between the rise and fall in the local markets of a single sentence, and shares of a volatile exchange rate compared to currency exchange rates in the Arab countries.

According to a member of the room that the central bank has become a non-magnet for Arab banks and also became an environment repulsive to invest domestic economic not to grant any guarantees to these banks in the sale of Iraqi funds, noting that most of the banks of the Arab countries in Iraq has become disabled because delayed proceedings money transfer center operations would be conducted without fixed substrates including delayed transfer of $ 36 trillion dinars to a bank for a period of 6 months due to difficulties converting currency outside causing it not to make a profit for these banks and distancing itself from Iraq.