Developing Iraq’s economy requires revitalizing private sector, businessmen

Baghdad (AIN) –The Deputy Prime Minister for Economy and Investment Affairs, Roz Nouri Shawees reported in a speech that was delivered by his representative, Hassan Akef, during the 1st annual conference of businessmen in Iraq on Saturday that ”The operation of building and reconstructing that Iraq seeks requires the contribution of all economic sectors and to revitalize the role of businessmen and private sector.”

”Iraq has witnessed a decline during the former regime due to the economic policy which was adopted and the wars as well as the economic siege that was imposed on Iraq since 1990 and isolated Iraq from the world,” the statement added.

”The Government is seeking to reconstruct and promote the economy by granting licenses of investment in all fields, including education, agriculture, tourism, and the Government intends to encourage the private sector in order to develop economy of Iraq,” he pointed out.

He continued saying that “The Government is earnest in combating financial and administrative corruption, which constitutes a key obstacle in developing economy of Iraq.”