Sources: a power battle is raging and Maliki expands alliances to win a third term

Sources: a power battle is raging and Maliki expands alliances to win a third term

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Baghdad / Orr News

Sources Policy informed that 20 new coalition joined a coalition of “state law” led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the recent period during early preparations by the Dawa Party, to prepare a broader list of coalition in the next elections to be held in less than a year, and hopes that achieve victory is aimed at achieving a majority government coalition change the equation that now exists in the formation of the government.

The sources said that some coalitions seem modern composition, and titles give an impression of spin in the ocean, which moves Maliki, and spend from now to win the state third, a desire received parliamentary opposition severe, as well as opposition four major powers tried to block him early decision parliamentary determines Guetrp mandate of the three presidencies (the Republic, ministers, parliament) two terms only.

But the prime minister is confronted with the decision, objection to the Constitutional Court, relying on the loyalty of the head of the court. But opponents rallied him on the other hand, and made the “Accountability and Justice” render a decision (root out) the President of the Court as a Baathist earlier, prompting Maliki to sack Chief of ablation, in a battle for power seem to end, is it Atkhalo the maneuvers and bargains depends it Maliki Kthbera, and succeed where more than rivals do.

Al-Maliki sent a delegation special him to Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani in the task (reconciliation) secret expressed the willingness to meet all the demands of the Kurds, what startled Barzani of this change that took place in the position of the government in Baghdad, and asked the delegation to write what was agreed upon in the paper signed Maliki himself, so as not being repudiated it in the future, according to those sources.

At the same time, a number of MPs who defected from the Iraqi bloc and groups that split from the Sadrists and the Mahdi Army and the Supreme Council, such as the Badr Organization and headbands right and others, were full care of al-Maliki, which confounded opponents front lot. In this same policy which Atkhalo of subtle inherited from former rulers, thwarted the momentum in the “movement the Anbar” Sunni opposition, supported by the defection elders into two groups, one pro-government, has been well received in Baghdad, and political and financial support remarkable.

In the view of many observers, that Maliki founded his force underestimated the help from now on expanding his supporters in the upcoming elections, has win in difficult, but his opponents and rivals say that this view is incorrect, Valmsawmat regional and international, as well as the complexities of the internal situation, will make chances of winning a third non-existent.