Ameri accused America of lying and denying that Iran transfer of arms by air through Iraq to Syria

Friday, 23 March 2012

BAGHDAD – and babysit –Transport Minister denied Iraq Hadi al-Amiri, on Friday, as American officials said that Iran is using Iraq’s air corridor for the transfer of weapons to the Assad regime in Damascus, confirming that it lies an American. Amery said in a press statement, “This American lies, a false claims and empty, where there is confidence that the exchange of trade between Iraq and.. other countries and if there is a transfer of force from any one country to another Vsaalmonna the subject.”

He said: “Yes, there are planes passing through Iraq to Syria, Jordan and Europe .. because Iraq is going through now has over 10 thousand aircraft per month from various countries, and come down some in the Iraqi airports, and if there is any doubt in any plane does not give authorization traffic,” indicating “not no country in the world now come down all the planes passing by the air to be tested. “

The Minister of Transport “I have talked to us Americans and we told them we need to guide and talked with Iran and we told them do not accept the passage of any weapon by Iraq and stressed the invalidity of this information because the Assad regime needs economic support, not weapons,” However, “I think that this talk is the fabrication The mere lies, if Iran wants to transfer arms Vstnqlh boat carrying dozens of aircraft Mathmlh why does it need to move the arms by air? “.

The Amery that “the armed Iran is the U.S., while reinforcing the Syrian is Russian, and speak Russian in public that has a contract and an agreement with Syria will continue to support them with weapons as well as the Russian fleet is in Syria, what is the need for arming of Iran?”, Pointing out that “the Syrian opposition using U.S. weapons from Turkey. “

The U.S. government Friday expressed, in the words of a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of State Victoria Nuland, “concern about the flights Shipping Iranian may ship weapons to Syria through the airspace of Iraq,” adding: “Without going into details of the intelligence, we are concerned to fly repeated over Iraqi airspace for cargo planes bound for Iran to Syria, and we are holding consultations with Iraq in this regard and make it clear to them that any export of weapons from Iran to any destination, would be a violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1747, “.

M. J