Iraqi optimism the outcome of talks with Kuwait

15/03/2012 12:05

Baghdad, March 15 (Rn) – has made ​​political parties an Iraqi on Thursday, was optimistic the agreements signed yesterday between Iraq and Kuwait to resolve disputes dating back to the nineties of the last century when he swept the forces of the former regime of Kuwait and occupied and the subsequent issues have taken place after 2003 and of the port of Mubarak and the issue of oil wells in common. The Iraqi government said yesterday it has reached an agreement worth $ 500 million with Kuwait to settle the debt back to the Gulf War prevented the Iraqi Airways to fly to the West, provides for payment of $ 300 million in cash to Kuwait and $ 200 million to establish an airline common . and the issue of Iraqi Airways is part of the conflict, long-term between Iraq and Kuwait on the compensation of billions of dollars for the invasion of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein of Kuwait in 1990-1991. The agreement the Government of Iraq with Kuwait on the sidelines of a visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at the head of a ministerial delegation to develop a timetables to resolve the outstanding issues that stand a barrier to exit Iraq from Chapter VII. An advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Transport Karim Nouri’s (Rn), that “all outstanding issues with Kuwait launched yesterday at the meeting held in Kuwait and did not leave file is stuck not discussed , and the results were positive and fruitful and even the Kuwaiti party’s own perceptions of harmony with the Iraqi side. ” and through the Ministry adviser is convinced that “Kuwaitis have a genuine desire to resolve the crisis with the Iraqi side,” noting that “the attitude of the Minister of Transport with Kuwait in the past, the diagnosis of anxiety Iraq “. In reference to the seriousness of Port Mubarak on the navigation of Iraq. He continued that “the settlement agreed upon on the Iraqi Airways was the settlement of an important and positive because it will prepare the company’s role and the track away from legal prosecution.” and Kuwait announced earlier in the willingness to turn the page past and start page new foreign relations with Iraq on the basis of mutual respect which the positions of Hatrha when Iraq is through the declaration of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. said the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives that the agreement to resolve the issue of Iraqi Airways is an important part of Iraq in the process of starting a new page of relations with Kuwait. A member of the Committee Emad Youkhana (Rn), “The Foreign Relations Committee would not be able in the coming days from hosting any minister to see what has been agreed with Kuwait, but there is a report will arrive to the Committee by the government include the details of what has been agreed upon.” He Youkhana that “resolving the issue of Iraqi Airways is important to start a new page in bilateral relations between the two countries, but there are other issues more important is the port of Mubarak and the demarcation of the border and elsewhere.” The Iraqi government said in a statement Thursday that the two sides (Iraq and Kuwait) agreed on the basis of common frameworks and to resolve all the files, within the short time scales. Statement did not say a date to those times. expressed political analysts convinced that the atmosphere that prevailed during the talks between the delegations of Iraq and Kuwait may be a step for the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII. Hussein al-Dry’s (Rn), “We are We are encouraged to visit the Iraqi delegation to Kuwait and there was a positive atmosphere prevailed in the discussions that took place yesterday, the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait are the files history can not be resolved session hours involved. ” said Dry “The important thing for Iraq is out of the seventh item and thus to give him freedom to act on its riches away from the approvals of international, we hope to be remove Iraq from Chapter VII and resolve the file of prisoners and missing persons, and the Port Mubarak ought to be the consensus among the parties relating to its fourth phase. ” and refuses to Kuwait out of Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN Security Council until the fulfillment of its obligations owed ​​with respect to three files is the issue of missing Kuwaitis and Archive , as well as the issue of border demarcation between the two countries. It is possible to affect the negotiations the two sides on the decision taken by the UN Security Council in June on the possibility of coming out of Iraq from Chapter VII.From: Haider Ibrahim. Open: Abdullah Sabri