Parliamentary Culture: Central Bank of the process of printing the currency bearing the image of the tragedy of the Kurds Faili

THURSDAY, MARCH 15 / MARCH 2012 15:15

Twilight News / revealed to the Committee on Culture and the media, Thursday, for the determination of the central bank printed new currency with one of the categories of image embody the “tragedy suffered by the Kurds Alfelaon,” indicating that the direction the central bank to print the currency came the proposal of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

A member of the Committee on Culture and Media Saman Fawzi’s ” Twilight News “that” in memory of the tragedy of the Kurds Faili and to consider the crimes committed against them, crimes of genocide, central bank decided to put a picture embodies the tragedy in the new currency after the application of the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency current and Asadr new currency ” .

“The central bank did not specify now to any of the categories will be charged a currency Faili Kurds.”

Fawzi and that “the central bank went to print the currency was based on a proposal from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.”

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh revealed, earlier, for ” Twilight News “that the new Iraqi currency will increase by three zeros, indicating that the central bank conducted a thorough study concluded that the lifting of the zeroes will strengthen the value of the Iraqi currency.

The exposure of thousands of Kurds Faili to the operations of the displacement by the former Iraqi regime began on the 4 April 1980, where he was deported to Iran after the confiscation of their movable and immovable, and documents supporting such as nationality and a certificate of Iraqi nationality under the pretext that their origins go back to Iran, forcing some them to change their names to safeguard their lives and their families from murder and displacement