Iraq’s debt stood at $ 350 billion?!!

Iraq’s debt stood at $ 350 billion?!!


Palm – A banking source from reaching Iraq’s debt until the year 2012 nearly $ 350 billion .. The expert said the banking and financial Abbas Mahdi said that Iraq’s foreign debt reached until the year 2012 about $ 350 billion, mostly to the State of Kuwait and the International Monetary Fund and the Paris Club and others.

He added in an interview with media have faced Iraqi economy significant challenges in the forefront of the external debt problem and the devaluation of the national currency against foreign currencies and degradation terrible in agricultural and industrial production and a lack of daily services كماء drinking pure, electricity, transportation, health services, education, housing and other basic services and most difficult challenge is corruption administrative, financial and moral hits Atnabh in the structure of the Iraqi state apparatus.

The Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki signed a few days ago when his visit to Russia and the Czech Republic decades arming one billion dollars in Iraq had contracted with the United States to equip the Iraqi army with equipment, weapons and training huge amounts of money is not the announcement of its value.