***Kuwaiti newspaper: Kuwait, Iraq still at war, and countries need a Security Council resolution to end all forms

Wednesday, March 14 / March 2012 07:36
[Baghdad – where]
Kuwait’s Al Watan newspaper said today in a comment on the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of Kuwait, “Kuwait and Iraq are still in a state of war may not end the war, but write off all outstanding issues and significant force in the crisis between the two countries.”

The newspaper said Kuwait, saying “There is a need in the two countries to a decision by the Security Council is working to end all forms of war and the pledge of peace and non-aggression so that it is imperative for Iraq, but to meet all outstanding issues, is imperative for the two countries is building a basis of trust and common security, not inevitable is forget the past and throw it behind our backs, and the embrocation all through the window of the future, countries have missed a lot of opportunities that could have been invested to turn the page .. and hope the differences are still there. “

The newspaper said that the visit was delayed from the original schedule so much. He was scheduled to come in response to a lightning visit he made to Baghdad, Prime Minister of Kuwait, Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, but the political circumstances that have taken place later, especially in Kuwait, the resignation of the government of Sheikh Nasser Al-dissolution of the nation may have prevented the completion of the visit in premature ,.

And went on Kuwaiti newspaper, saying: In any case, the visit of Prime Minister of Iraq to Kuwait imbue special character of what brings the two countries relationship Jawarah private, and when there are pending issues still open and need to crucial decision and the final, so that the delay of these files certainly not in the interest of both countries Delay the discount is to delay the transition to the normal relationship building that is supposed to be present between two neighboring countries share a historical ties and common interests, let alone religious heritage, cultural and social co.

The newspaper accused the Kuwaiti states and political forces and large companies and limbs window to work on friction and fabrication problems, constraints and psychological mobilization of the public the two countries so as not to return the relationship to the outdated previous knowledge that the return of the normal relationship lose their distinctive, especially in Iraq, which is supposed to turn into a workshop huge in every areas of structural, economic, developmental, Iraq is broken and shattered salivating major countries and companies to pounce on the cake of development and reconstruction in a country disrupted the development and the suffering of his people the power cuts and lack drinking water, clean, traffic congestion and crash the streets not to mention the suffering of the living and the security sub-chronic

She noted the Kuwaiti Al-Watan that Maliki’s visit to Kuwait, which comes before the Arab summit in Baghdad, should be a working visit and the visit fruitful and decisive and put points on the letters and looking at all the outstanding issues openly and transparently.

She must find mechanisms to resolve outstanding issues, but not a departure from the international resolutions, but in the part of those decisions. / End