Iraq is seeking to form the Electoral Commission early next month

14/03/2012 09:07

The Electoral CommissionBaghdad, March 14 (Rn) – The Committee of Experts of parliamentary responsible for the formation of new national electoral commission, Wednesday, from its quest for the formation of the Commission and according to the time specified is the beginning of next month, indicating that the sorting of forms 4000 Advanced is being by the three groups. and take a commission of experts consisting of 21 deputies from different political blocs to develop mechanisms and controls for the selection of new national electoral commission instead of the current commission, which will end its mandate in April / April.The Commission itself had revealed earlier this month for completion 50% of the work of the second phase of selection of members of the Commission. He said the Commission’s decision pro- Ok, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), that “the Committee of Experts for the selection of the Electoral Commission is still ongoing second phase involved screening approximately 4 000 form for applicants down to the selection of 60 advanced and according to the mechanisms and standards.”He said good that the “Committee of Experts were divided into three groups currently holds the complete sort the forms, the committee will conduct interviews of the 60 advanced for the selection of nine members of the Electoral Commission with two members of two reserves. ” and the Commission’s decision to “his committee with the United Nations sought after obtaining the approval of Presidency of the Council of Representatives to extend the work of the Council to form a Commission on the schedule agreed which is the beginning of next month. ” and open the door for nominations for membership of the Electoral Commission for new elections on 20 October last October over the month and received the Committee set up by the House of Representatives to choose the Commission more than 7 thousands of request for membership of the Commission.According to the Law of the Electoral Commission for the current elections, the work will end in April next. and formed the Electoral Commission for elections led by Faraj al-Haidari after the elections that took place in 2005. and supervised the current commission to hold three elections the first provincial councils and the second for the parliamentary elections and the third parliamentary elections for the Kurdistan region, but it came to political criticism for biting during the elections years after the announcement of the parliamentary results. From: Haidar Ibrahim, RN peace Baghdadi